Famous Movie Lines
Famous Movie Lines

This project has already launched.

Above is our standard green box, this contains 108 cards that each have a unique movie quote on them. Our next in line expansions are going to be a blue and a red box which will also have another unique 108 cards in each box. Our red, green and blue boxes are basically the starter package for any FML lover. We do also plan on releasing more boxes with many different genres and ways to play. If you would like more information on FML and would like to see more photos please visit our website: http://fml-famousmovielines.com/

My name is Cory I’m 30 years old and I’ve always been a fan of board games and quality family time. As I get older I notice people would rather be on their phone than have a conversation with the person next to them. Growing up I was the oldest of five siblings and being the oldest I was the one to always provided games and entertainment for the family, which I thought was fun and it turns out i became really good at it. A couple of my friends and I started sharing our favorite movie quotes with each other and seeing if we could guess the movie title, it turned out to be a lot of fun and I thought why not turn this into a game and start by just giving it to friends and families as a christmas gift to try it out. As it turns out our families loved to play the game as well and wanted to share it with other people. I’ve used the same concept for all of the different generations of FML which include two board games and four different card styles that everyone have enjoyed more and more as the game progressed. The card game Famous Movie Lines was the beginning of something serious and the one I have the most passion for and that’s why I want to share it with everyone, my family loves the game and I know yours will too. I work very close with friends and family on this project.

My partner and very close friend Randy Byrne and his wife Juliet Byrne are the more business side of things. He makes sure we can meet supply and demand while his wife is helps with our keeping us on a budget and really helps with accounting. My fiancé Danielle Witt is my number one supporter and the she has given me the confidence and strength to pull all of this together every step of the way with anything and everything. I wouldn’t have accomplished half of what we have created with out her. My cousin Stephan was the first person to call our game FML so he really came up with the name and logo which I fell in love with so much. Josh Ciaramitaro was the then that helped me create the board games and redesign it to be a card game instead. Alex and Breanna Lefler have immensely helped out with a majority of our photography. I seriously mean I couldn’t do this would out the love and support from my friends and family. They have all helped bring what you've seen come together and help make the experience amazing!

We have made a game that is family friendly for all ages. Our goal is to bring back games you can play around the table where families can reconnect after a long and crazy week. We plan on releasing 7 different expansions of FML that will include different decks like animations, name that action, and for the older crowd our naughty dirty deck. This game has brought our family closer together and it just so happens to be very fun and engaging at the same time. We hope to continue this experience so everyone else can enjoy our game as well.

Our goal to reach on Kickstarter is $7,000 because that magic number gives us the opportunity to order our full shipment of 5,000 copies of FML. If we make that goal we will be able to sell them at our most ideal cost to you! We don’t want you to pay an arm and a leg for the game if we get the support we need we can sell this for only $16. This price is for an American made game and it’s going to give you the quality to last a lifetime!

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