False Elegy - The Dark-Fantasy Visual Novel - Limited-edition rewards for the first backers only!
False Elegy - The Dark-Fantasy Visual Novel - Limited-edition rewards for the first backers only!

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In order to find his lost friend, a divine entity has to bind with a beautiful demon corrupted by sin. With their lives connected as one, the only way to survive is by withstanding heaven and hell together. 

Since the dawn of man, Ascendants have been seen soaring in the skies. To the humans, they are ethereal, divine and immortal beings, guardians of earth and protectors of humankind. But even among the Ascendants, there are those who have Fallen.

Areon is an Ascendant who hunts the creatures born from sin, the Fallen. Together with his partner Eden, he purges the world little by little. Everything goes effortlessly until Areon is asked to participate in the Divinity project; a project to rehabilitate Fallen. Only the best Ascendants are chosen due to the dangers. During the project, a Divinity Link will be formed between the two until one Ascends, or one Falls.

At the selection, the beautiful Ark caught his attention. A Fallen that had been caught three weeks ago, but never approached due to her insanely corrupted personality. Areon, undaunted by her ferocity, forms a link with Ark. However, he did not realize that his powers will be irrelevant. What will be challenged are his wits, resolve, and mental fortitude. What awaits him is a bigger task than he could have ever imagined.


What is False Elegy?

False Elegy is an interactive visual novel, featuring psychological, mature, romance and action elements. We are aiming for a story of 250.000 words, including three different routes. Your choices will influence the events in this world, and determine which path the story will take. Each route will focus on one of the three main heroines, and their relationship with the protagonist. 

The story is set in a fantasy setting. The locations used in False Elegy are heavily inspired by famous European cities and architecture:

A big part of the story will take place during the night. False Elegy will have backgrounds to accompany those parts:


Our stretch goals will always have a certain thought behind them. They're meant to either expand the False Elegy universe, or they're meant to add more depth to the False Elegy experience. We won't deviate into side stories that are out of character and do not add anything to the main story. What we will do is elaborate on the important events that happen before or after the main plotline. Every dollar above our initial goal will be used to improve or create new assets for the original story. That's a promise from the False Elegy team.

Our top priority is to add voice acting to the most important lines in False Elegy. One of the best things about the visual novel medium is sound. Having voices for the characters add an additional layer of depth to the experience. At $15,000 we're convinced that we'll have enough funds to hire professional voice actors.

This is a stretch goal that we of Team geNe6 secretly really hope to achieve. If we can reach another 5,000 dollars, we'll make a prequel that covers Ark's teenage years, and the events that lead to her current situation in False Elegy. This prequel will have voice acting, and be released for free on all platforms(PC, iOS, Android, etc.). Backers will get additional limited offers. 



Hey! We're Team geNe6 and we're an international team striving to make our mark in the visual novel world. Our goal is to create the high-quality visual novel which everyone has been waiting for, whilst also introducing people to the medium. Inspired by both Japanese and western media, we hope to create something unique, and surprise everyone with our upcoming visual novel, False Elegy.

The team who made the demo:

  • Director/Writer - Jesse Ang
  • Character/CG Artist - 7Aho
  • Background Artist - ForD Nguyen
  • Composer - KinetikLee
  • Editor - Antysdow
  • Programmer - DragoonHP



Receive a digital version of the artbook! It's is estimated to be at least 80 pages! It will contain False Elegy concept art, promotional art, and final art. This includes all character and background art!
The artbook will have comments by the director from the development, as well as characters information and lore of the False Elegy world.  

Note that this tier does not include the digital OST.

The False Elegy: Nephilim Edition is a limited production of the physical game and OST. The Nephilim Edition will be a dual-disc box with an exclusive slipcover. Back this tier now to assure a copy of the limited edition with a $10,- discount ($40,- retail).

Receive a physical hardcover version of the Artbook! It's is estimated to be at least 80 pages! It will contain False Elegy concept art, promotional art, and final art. This includes all character and background art!
The artbook will have comments by the director from the development, as well as characters information and lore of the False Elegy world.  

Get a physical wall scroll of your choice! We all now which False Elegy girl should be displayed on your wall.

The size will be around 32"x48"(80x120cm).

The complete collection for those who love to get physical! In this tier, we'll add another limited edition: the physical version of the scarf that the main characters will wear in False Elegy. The scarf is the main piece of clothing that will represent the group. Easy to recognize, but still shrouding the wearer in mystery.

Only one batch of these scarfs will be made! This limited collector's item will only be in production once, as a special Kickstarter reward for our Kickstarter campaign. Once the scarf production ends, it will never be available for purchase again!

The design will be the same as the one Ark is wearing in this key visual:

One of our most unique offers: design your own Wallscroll with the help of the director/writer and the character artist. Do you want special character in a sexy outfit or silly costume? As long as it's False Elegy Related and not adult content, we can arrange it.

Get this, you'll also receive a physical version of it next to the physical wall scroll of the $210 dollar tier.

But wait! there's more: Your design = your decision. Want the wall scroll to be officially sold by False Elegy, with your name on it as the designer? You got it. We'll even make it an option as backer reward!
Or would you rather keep the design to yourself and keep it as a one-of-a-kind? The only official wallscroll design in the world!

Either way, you get to decide.

The most prestigious tier. Limited to 5 backers only!
Become a character designer, and design one of the Main Cast Characters with the help of the director/writer, and the character artist, 7Aho.

In this team of 9 characters, we have made 5 of them available to be designed by you. These characters will each play a big role and appear in numerous scenes. Some of these characters are even guaranteed to make a return in the False Elegy sequel. 

The earliest backers in this tier will have the highest priority when choosing a character to design.


SuperTiers are limited tiers where want to offer something awesome and unique! The more SuperTiers unlocked, the more rewards we can give to every backer.

  • Each time a SuperTier is fully backed, a new SuperTier unlocks!
  • The new rewards of an unlocked SuperTier will be added to all tiers higher!
  • The SuperTiers start with the $2200 tier unlocked. The next tier will unlock once the $2200 tier is fully backed.

Next Unlock:


Why Kickstarter?

We know what it takes: hard work, perseverance, and passion. We want to make the best visual novel in the west, and we want to deliver it to you. The only things that are we currently don't have are the funds. We've been able to create the demo by funding it ourselves. Unfortunately, it's not possible for us the fund the whole game ourselves. That's why we need your support with this Kickstarter! We hope that you'll become a part of making False Elegy reality!

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