Fair Drivers
Fair Drivers

Fair Drivers

Everywhere an excellent product or service is created and used by the masses, there are always going to be those individuals who choose to exploit a weakness in the system for their own - financial gain. Uber, a taxi hailing service and located based mobile application is a massive company. The owner may be controversial but in the end it was his idea and his vision that has created jobs all over the world.

The Unfortunate Side Effect of Success

Like I said before it is quite unfortunate that, when presented with an opportunity, unlike others, they choose to exploit a perfectly great system. Uber's own drivers are under scruitany as they have discovered a way to minipulate Uber's own fair system to trick the app into believing there is a shortage of drivers. This is what causes surge pricing! Obviously drivers are making more money during a surge in price, yet it is extremely unfair to the paying customer. Working essentially to some degree, on an honor system, drivers are supposed to be responsible enough to start and stop rides when appropriate, leaving chance for human error as well as a window of opportunity for drivers with bad intentions.

This is why we created Fair Drivers

Fair drivers keeps riders better informed not only of a true surge price by tapping into gps services that will show the true count of drivers in the area - no matter how they try to manipulate. Also fair driver will monitor your trip, remind you to remind the driver to end the ride before you exit the vehicle, as well as alert you if the fare is still running while you are not in the vehicle. When your position and the position of the drivers (with your running fare) begins to differ, your alert will grow louder and a message will automatically be sent via email and SMS to Ubers customer support and complaint. We will also help you to get your money back by recording the proof.

What we need?

We are not looking for too much in funding actually. We already have the app created and on standby for the kickstarter launch for download for IOS and Android. All of our backers will be presented with a Fair Drivers Backers Badge, which will display to Uber drivers as well. A lot like those signs in your front yard for Brinks Home Security to display to potential intruders. Our Goal will be a simple 5,000$ which will be used for marketing efforts and to expose this issue on a greater level to Uber itself. 

Uber is a great service, it is an amazing app and they are becoming a superpower. All around the world Uber has promoted an awesome customer experience and created hundreds if not thousands of jobs in a declining economy. This is nothing in spite of Uber itself, but those who choose to represent Uber in a negative light by taking advantage of a caring system.


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