Fair Change - Coaching Coins
Fair Change - Coaching Coins

Welcome to Fair Change

Welcome to Fair Change!

​Fair Change is the world's first coin based accounting system developed to help parents manage the discipline and reward process used in child behavior modification. The Fair Change starter pack contains nine (9) coins, each designed for a specific purpose detailed in our "How it works" section below.

​Fair Change uses exciting child friendly artwork on solid metal coins. These coins help parents and children keep track of rewards, punishments, and even last chances by offering our children a tangible metal coin as a motivator or reminder. The physical coin helps the child focus on the desired behavior by satisfying both the need for tactile sensory input as well as hands on learning when coins are tied to rewards and real life consequences.

The coins were created to be large enough to not be a choking hazard for those who have younger siblings at home. Ulike a behavior chart on a wall, Fair Change is easily portable and convienielty taken with us while traveling through our daily schedules. The coins themselves stand the test of time, includuing spills, drops, and the occasional washing machine ride.

Join the movement, give Fair Change a try, and take control of your parental role. You'll be happy you did. So will the kids!

​Fair Change will be available for pre-order at a discount for only 30 days starting this July. Sign up below to receive notice of our 30 day Kickstarter launch with discounted prices and begin your Fair Change journey.


For more detailed instructions and information, visit us at fairchangecoins.com.

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