FACTIONS - Fantasy Themed Playing Card Deck
FACTIONS - Fantasy Themed Playing Card Deck

This project has already launched.


Ever since we graduated from college, Tom and I have wanted to create something together. While most people know Tom for his award-winning miniature sculpting, he’s always loved illustrating characters. I am an experienced graphic designer who has helped bring numerous tabletop games to life from the ground up. We are both used to making client’s ideas a reality. One day we started chatting about creating a project of our own. That's when FACTIONS was born.

We've both worked very hard on developing the project ever since. The art and designs are finished and we couldn't be happier with the results. But what's the point of creating something unless you can share it with others--that's where you come in! With your support we can produce this beautiful deck of fantasy playing cards for you to enjoy for years to come. Keep reading to find out even more about the deck and the FACTIONS that dwell within.

Printed by The United States Playing Card Company (USPC), the industry's top manufacturer of playing cards, FACTIONS is a beautifully illustrated and designed deck of 56 playing cards, featuring iconic images of characters and suits themed to a world of fantasy. While FACTIONS contains all the cards in a traditional playing card deck, we’ve also included two additional Jokers so that each suit in FACTIONS has a unique take on this castaway card.

Visit www.factionsgames.com for a closer look at each face card.

Each card has been carefully colored in a worn watercolor style. This coupled with the varied background texture ensures that each card is a unique piece of art. Finally, the hand drawn and inked face cards (and jokers) complete the deck’s authentic old world feel.

6 of Hearts, Card Back, Jack of Spades, Ace of Spades

Delving further into the FACTIONS world, each card suit has been modified to correspond with each Faction.

All 56 playing cards are enclosed in a beautifully designed deck box that present each card as a page from an ancient tome.

An excerpt of the letter written by Dortuk, Caretaker Primus to Chief Recorder Valdek.

FACTIONS is more than just another custom playing card deck. It embodies what Valdek, Chief Recorder of the Caretakers has seen on his journey. Each face card has a backstory of what he encountered. With every card, the story unfolds...

The artwork and lore for each card are featured in the art book.

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