Facebook Live & YouTube Live Streaming with Cameleon 2.0
Facebook Live & YouTube Live Streaming with Cameleon 2.0

This project has already launched.

YouTube Live for iPhone

Update, July 2016: ready for YouTube Connect? Go Live with Live for YouTube, our latest YouTube live streaming app for iPhone and iPad. Broadcast any live video and reach millions on YouTube, the biggest video network in the world. HD quality up-to 1080p (beta 720p).

Upcoming, August 2016: Live for Facebook, standalone Facebook Live app for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.



2016-2017 GO LIVE! - It's easy to start your live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube Live. Cameleon gives you the superpower and the simplest UI.

People love watching videos, connecting a live camera to YouTube and Facebook lets you broadcast high quality video to the largest audiences in the world. Broadcast to the biggest networks from one place, using your phone, laptop and any type of camera. Meet Cameleon 2.0.

YouTube Live

"YouTube is beginning to take live streaming seriously, and that could change the Internet." With a live event you can run more ads, increasing your revenue. Interact with your fans in real-time and on multiple channels. It's an opportunity to cross-promote your content. Go live. Anytime. For any reason.

Facebook Live

"A fun, powerful way to connect with your followers and create new ones along the way ... Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Field their burning questions, hear what's on their mind and check out their Live Reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going." Live lets people, public figures and Pages share live video with their followers and friends on Facebook.


"Easy, simple and extremely powerful. Cameleon is the absolute must-have for everyone in the social networking industry. It saves you a tremendous amount of time and has more features than you'll ever need."

The only completely-free live video streaming software and professional broadcasting solution for those, ready to save time or who are less tech-oriented. Cameleon is the easiest and simplest, yet very powerful live streaming app for Windows and Mac. Now, with companion for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

1 2 3 Live!

... it's that easy. Use your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, Android with built-in camera or attach any USB WebCam, GoPro Hero, or IP Camera. Set it up for live streaming, home-security or whatever you want.

Cameleon 2.0 is an upgrade with:

  • a new kind of media-server that is using your device's own resources - no more need for the cloud
  • less than 1% CPU usage per camera
  • HD, high frame-rate, two-way sound, all the bells and whistles included, no compromises

What is it for?

Now, Facebook gives live videos the prime placement, effectively making live video a central feature of the social network. At the same time, the number of live events on YouTube is skyrocketing. Go live. Any time. For any reason. - Google says and takes live streaming very seriously.

  • The problem: You must use your existing video software or hardware and this is still complicated.
  • The solution: Eliminate the complicated and provide a beautiful, simple design. Offer presets, not settings. Use database to expel must-hacking.

Cameleon offers the highest possible -tested- quality and the lowest resource usage, including a slight step-up both ways. No worries, if you like to hack and fine-tune, direct-commands are also available.

Who is it for?

We like passive income (aka $ with no work), which leaves more time for everything else ... There would be no Cameleon if we didn't have passive income to maintain our lives while working unpaid for years. Most of that income was generated from photos and videos even though creating the content wasn't passive at all. Live streaming is. Pick the right spot, start the stream and embed it somewhere. We leave the idea up to you and offer you the very best tool for your tasks.

  • User needs: I have many businesses. How can I manage all locations at the same time?
  • Solution: Fire up Cameleon to view your list of locations and tap on the security-cameras for a quick look. Or, simply set up Cameleon to record 24/7.
  • User needs: Checking on my home, dog, cat, kid is important to me. Which options can Cameleon provide to facilitate my needs?
  • Solution: Livestream your reality show, a wedding or send up your drone to the sky. Attach a GoPro to the windshield and drive along Route 66, broadcasting your vacation. Go 1 2 3 Live!


Cameleon is based on complex live streaming solutions that are simplified to the absolute minimum, just what 99% of users will need. The focus is on ease of use, video quality and most importantly, zero maintenance costs. There are complex and professional live encoders available, if your budget allows it. Cameleon is 1 2 3 Live! Pick up a camera and stream live free, in the highest possible quality, to YouTube, Facebook and your websites.

Does Cameleon really work right away?

Yes, it really does work right away. Just follow the instructions to get your Cameleon 1.0 up and running in less than 3 minutes:

  1. Download and install Cameleon 1.0 for Windows or Mac.
  2. Fire up Cameleon and sign in with Google. It's highly secure, no passwords needed.
  3. Add your first camera. We recommend starting with a WebCam (e.g., your laptop’s or phone’s built-in camera or any USB-webcam) and using the default settings. Click here for how-to video.

Tada! Your first camera should be up and running and if you selected an audio source, YouTube Live is also available. You're ready to broadcast live to YouTube with a simple click.

What's up in 2.0 then?

As a Cameleon user, you see that Cameleon works really well and gives you a powerful, not to mention, free tool to supercharge your creative superpowers. Here are the Cameleon 2.0 upgrade features and add-ons that we're working on for you:

  • brand new, one-click friendly UI built from scratch
  • built-in Facebook Live Video (and two other channels)
  • screen sharing for Gamers and Artists
  • four (6-8?) screen splitting for CCTV security cams
  • updated camera database (testing 100-150 cameras)
  • native streaming from Companion (a new engine)
  • HTTP streaming, RTMP and RTMPS server
  • secure streaming
  • possible input switching and PiP

What's the Kickstarter support for?

Speed. Most of us are working on Cameleon 2.0 full-time, for free but without that passive income we mentioned. Ouch. While we create everything (as we did during the past two years) as described, taking short-term freelancing jobs are slowing us down. Your support is nitro. Plus, it feels awesome to attract Kickstarter attention! It's the ultimate reward: Even if it's $1, it shows up that someone out there is interested in our project. Your pledge keeps us happy and motivated and, if there are a lot of you, it's a catalyst to our work.

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