ezWake, Wake up the ez way!
ezWake, Wake up the ez way!

Wake up the ez way

The ezWake Project is a useful, yet fun alarm app, started by a talented youth-led initiative, that is set to launch this Fall. We are an ambitious set of individuals inspired by technological advancement that surrounds us everyday. ezWake employs a unique way to help those who struggle to wake up, and get out of bed, utilizing a wide range of tactics such as puzzles that must be solved before allowing the user access to turn off the alarm. Eventually, with enough uses, the app being personalized - adjusts its own difficulty, and duration to the specific needs of the user. 

Why ezWake?

The creation of this lifestyle app was inspired by a large problem in society.

A majority of people heavily rely on mobile phone alarms to wake up and often, many fall victim to pressing the snooze, or heading back to sleep. Thus, as a group of students, we decided to combat the issue of simply waking up in the morning, and through a simple but innovative solution, ezWake, we are striving to solve a large problem for both ourselves and society.


  • Puzzles 
  • Games
  • Motion Sensors
  • Sounds
  • Customizables
  • Statistics

Behind the Idea

From top left to bottom right: Alannah Zhou (founder), Michael He (Chief of Programming, Christy Lee (Chief of Programming), Carlinda Lee (Chief of Marketing), Darian Leung (Chief of Marketing). 

Beyond the chiefs, the Executive Team consists of 12 tech-savvy students who serve as either marketers, designers, or computer programmers. All of whom, are heavily invested, and interested in the success of ezWake on both android and iOS platforms. Based in Vancouver, this project is supported by various university, and secondary students.


ezWake will release this Fall, just in time to help individuals who are still struggling to adapt from relaxed summer routines to their new schedules. 

Use of Finances


"ezWake" promises to put every dollar donated into this app.

Through our research, we've confirmed that a significant proportion of funding will be needed to introduce, and keep ezWake on both the App, and Play store. Swallowing the expense as a group of ambitious teens is a little hard; hence, our funding goal is $300. In terms of the research for ezWake, this includes a look into the type of puzzles that help individuals become most awake, how long, and difficult puzzles should generally be, whether puzzle difficulty or duration is better for increased brain stimulation, whether age influences the effects of this app, and more. Additionally, this funding will also enable us to have small marketing campaigns, necessary program subscriptions, and a developer account with other necessary, but crucial, starter items.

Other Ways to Help

We understand that not everyone will be able to provide financial contribution for the project, but anyone can always help by sharing our promotional page through various social media platforms. Any, and all mentions will tremendously help us boost our awareness within various networks. Feel free to follow us on our social media applications, and provide feedback through our surveys, promotional content, or comments section.

  Social Media Platforms

  • facebook.com/ezWake
  • twitter.com/ezWakeApp 
  • instagram.com/ezwakeapp
  • linkedin.com/company/ezWake 

Risks and challenges

Project development of tech initiatives are intricate and may come down with unexpected challenges. Therefore, we will provide updates throughout the development process and ensure if any changes are applied to our proposed schedule.

The ezWake Project is a passionate, and collaborative team that will always remain confident in our ability to deliver this product.

Learn More

Website: ezWakeApp.com

Kickstarter: kickstarter.com/projects/ezwake/wake-up-the-ez-way#

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