EZ Stick 3D Printer Build Surface by GeckoTek
EZ Stick 3D Printer Build Surface by GeckoTek

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GeckoTek Build Surfaces make 3D printing fun and accessible for everyone. We used our expertise in Material Science to develop the EZ Stick Build Surface to work with any desktop 3D printers. 

Peel and Stick to any 3D printer in seconds. Easily cut to size with standard scissors.

GeckoTek's advanced coating technology prevents warping and allows for easy removal with ABS, PLA, PETG, Flexible, Nylon, and more. Each surface lasts for 100+ prints.

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I started GeckoTek because 3D printing should be fun and accessible to everyone. The biggest problem with desktop 3D printers is the Build Surface. It is so frustrating when parts peel up or fall off the platform. So many people resort to glue stick and hairspray, only to find it's impossible to get the parts off! GeckoTek's Build Surfaces solve this problem once and for all! 

In 2014, we launched our 1st Kickstarter Campaign from my garage. We received an amazing response and were able to deliver on the promise that we made to create The Most Advanced 3D Printer Build Plate. We learned a great deal from our first campaign. This time around we will be using existing suppliers and infrastructure to ensure a speedy production and fulfillment process. To date, we've made and shipped more than 5000 Build Plates. 

Here's what our customers have to say about our Build Plates:  

"I have been printing on my Kickstarter RepRap Base & HT Plates (almost non-stop) for over a month now. and I swear by your products!!!!!!!!! This plate with PLA or ABS just works, every time!!!!!"       - Stephen B.  

"I am still very impressed with your product and would like to order a 3rd time :)"       - Jan K.  

"I have been using one on my KC since the day they released it. I wouldn't print without it!"       - Brian F.

EZ Stick fits any 3D printer. We received an amazing response to our original Build Plates, but there are so many different 3D printers out there that we couldn't make a different size to fit each one. To solve this problem, EZ Stick is made from a durable high-temperature polymer film that you can easily trim with scissors to fit your build platform. 

Clean & simple install.  EZ Stick has high-temperature pressure-sensitive adhesive backing so that it can be attached to any Build Platform in seconds - no binder clips needed. The thick durable polymer film makes it easy to get a smooth, bubble-free application.

Advanced Coating Technology. What makes GeckoTek the best Build Surface? Material Science. We developed our high tech coatings from scratch, specifically for 3D printing. After 1,000 hours of testing and 200 formulas, we found the right balance of adhesion while printing and release when the part is finished. We have torture-tested these Build Surfaces with all major printer brands to make sure that every EZ Stick Build Sheet will last for over 100 prints. See the full list of printers and filaments below.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers had to say: 

"I am incredibly impressed with the Build Plate!!!! It is ten times better than the hairspray and glass. It's definitely going to be my main build surface from now on"     -John H.

"Just wanted to say I got my plates today and I'm impressed!  I have tried everything out there and I do mean everything. You have a winner here. Wish I hadn't waited so long."    -Colen C.

EZ Stick Hot is for 3D printers with heated beds. When heated, it provides maximum adhesion and painless release when cooled. We designed this surface to meet the needs of Engineers and Designers who don't want to mess with tape and glue. This is the ideal surface for anyone who wants to get the most out of their 3D printing experience. It works with ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, flexibles, and more. 

EZ Stick Cold is for printing PLA at room temperature. No need for a heated bed. We talked to many educators who prefer the non-heated 3D printers for their safety and affordability. EZ Stick Cold is the ideal surface for schools and libraries. It is primarily for PLA, but also works for some PETGs.

Eliminate Warping

We know how frustrating it is when the corners lift, or when parts come off. EZ Stick's Advanced Coating Technology is designed to reliably prevent peeling. No need for a raft or to 'squish' the first layer. Print even the most difficult parts up to 8 inches long with no peeling. 


Easy Part Removal

We designed the EZ Stick Build Surface so that even the most delicate parts release easily. No need to worry about breaking parts during removal. We recommend using our non-scratching removal tool for the most difficult parts. 

Lasts over 100 Prints  

Even under the toughest conditions, EZ Stick Build Surfaces last over 100 prints with losing adhesion. Exact life span varies depending on the materials, settings, and 3D printer. Many customers get over 300 prints on a single Build Plate. 

Improved Durability

Even though EZ Stick uses a polymer sheet, it is still very durable. It easily resists light scratches by the nozzle and from metal scrapers. 

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Maintenance and Cleaning

There is almost no maintenance needed for GeckoTek Build Surfaces.   We recommend that you wipe the surface with isopropyl alcohol wipes every 5-10 prints. We will have pre-soaked cleaning wipes available.

Alcohol Cleaning Wipes and Non-scratching Removal Tool
Alcohol Cleaning Wipes and Non-scratching Removal Tool

Smooth Finish

Use the EZ Stick Build Surface to get a smooth, shiny surface every time. Works great for signs, phone cases, name tags, and more.

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Works with GeckoTek Build Plates

Do you have a used, worn out, or damaged GeckoTek Build Plate? Apply the EZ Stick Build Surface over the top to bring it back to life!

Tested Filaments

After extensive testing, we have had consistently excellent results with ABS, PLA, PETG, TPE, and Nylons. There is some variation between different manufacturers, so here are the brands that we have tested so far: 


Taulman3D: 645, Bridge, Alloy 910, PCTPE, BluPrint and T-glas

IC3D: PLA, ABS and Nylon

Rigid Ink: PLA, ABS, Flexi PLA, and Nylon 12

Inland:  PLA, ABS, PETG and Nylon

NinjaTek:  NinjaFlex

ColorFabb: Colorfabb_XT

If you have questions about a specific filament let use know and we will do our best to test it. 


In order to offer EZ Stick Build Surfaces at an affordable price, we need to manufacture it at a larger scale. We set the goal so that we can order materials in bulk and use a continuous coating process. This will allow us to maintain high quality standards and keep costs down. 

Phase 1: Pilot Production and Testing (May - June)
In order to ensure that the scale up of production goes smoothly, we will do a pilot production run with our manufacturing partners. The goal will be to test the coating and processing with the high output continuous machines and determine the best processing procedure. All the resulting EZ Stick Build Surfaces will be thoroughly tested. Once the quality and consistency is up to our standards we will move to Phase 2.
Phase 2: Full Production (June - August)
The first part of Phase 2 is to send out the Backer surveys. When we feel confident that the process and materials are ready,  full production begins. This includes ordering the materials required and scheduling the production run. The actual coating process with be done in a few days but there is a lot of work leading up to it. 
Phase 3: Fulfillment (August)
This is our favorite part. Once the coating process is completed, the final step is to package and ship all the rewards. We have experience and existing capabilities to handle a large volume of shipping. We expect to be able to ship 100-200 order per day. If the number of backers grows beyond several thousand, we will seek additional help with fulfillment to speed up the process. 
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