Express yourself through a scent
Express yourself through a scent

This project has already launched.

What is it?
It is removing all the complexity to create a perfume to allow you the experience to have one just like you: unique.

6 different theme boxes (coffret) depending on the "perfume family" you prefer 
Inside each box, all you need to create your perfume:  
6 different base perfumes (in design bottles with droppers) that you can mix  
3 sample bottle with spray 2ml (to test your creations)  
10 blotters  
1 bottle with spray to fill with your final formula
1 booklet

How does it work?  
Do you remember the first time you cooked? You felt lost so you followed a recipe. The second time you might have chosen to change the proportion of certain ingredients to adjust the recipe to your taste. Then you felt more confident and started mixing various ingredients creatively. Here it is the same; you will find a recipe to follow in the booklet, to make it an easy start, but then you will be able to experiment as much as you want. Let the emotions created by the scent drive your choices. You will use the droppers to fill the sample bottles with your mix. Once you will be satisfied with your formula, you will apply it to the empty bottle with spray. It is easy as you will not mix raw materials (and there could be many in a perfume) but you will use perfumes that are already well balanced. Perfumes that can be mix safely is the real innovation.

What Parfumique stand for:
You can look at this project in many different ways:
1. The way to finally be able to have a unique perfume, that reflects who you are 
2. The experience of creating, experimenting, discovering the language of scent, with all the emotions involved, and it can be very intimate (on your own) or socially (perfume party)  
3. The perfect present (Christmas); she will love create her own perfume, or even better if you create it for her; it’s unique.   
However, I believe it is more than that. It is a way to replace mass-market products with a creative experience, a way to express our unique personality, and learn the languagge of scents.

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