Export Made In America: Worth Billions
Export Made In America: Worth Billions

Strategic International Marketing

-Export Marketing and Management Company Seeking Funding-


Bloomberg International News:

Exporting American Goods (Made In USA) is a business worth



A company exclusively dedicated to assisting American manufactures (small/medium size business) sell American/USA made goods overseas.


At this point it as a known fact that, 90% of the world’s export market (global trade market) resides outside the U.S.A. and it is worth billions.  Hence, Strategic International Marketing is seeking ($ million dollars). To tap into a BILLION DOLLAR export market.                                                                                                      

“Export Made In America: Is About Creating Jobs in America” Assisting American Made Goods Gain International Markets.

 Any business able to return a net profit of $10.000.000 plus on a yearly basis, is worth a $ (U.S Dollar funding)

This is my grain of sand in contributing in the creation of jobs in the U.S. Hence, improving the economy and the gross domestic product (GDP), of U.S.


1). Business Concept

(Strategic International Marketing).  This is an Export Marketing and management company, that assist small and medium size American/U.S. manufactures sell their goods overseas (business gain international market).

 It happen to be that unlike, big corporations, small businesses/manufactures don’t have the capacity, big budgets, and the international marketing infrastructure, know how or expertise, to conduct, international/export marketing research) so they can sell their products overseas likewise).  Strategic International Marketing through this concept will level the playing field. With this business concept the aim of Strategic International Marketing is to assist American made companies “Go Global.”

(In short, Strategic International Marketing main objective is to assist (made in America) small to medium size businesses/manufactures with a potential export product, sell their goods/commodities overseas). (Gain international markets).

2). Rationale that supports the business concept/model: There is a huge demand for U.S.A Made Goods Overseas.  And is worth billions.

As mention the world’s largest export market resides, outside the U.S/United States of America.  According, to the “International Marketing Intelligence” and U.S Department Of Commerce 90 to 95% of the global market reside overseas. 

Those markets are: South America (The whole of South America) Mexico, Canada, China, India, Africa, England, (United Kingdom), Western Europe (Certain Countries in Eastern Europe) Indonesia, and the list goes one. (Thus, there are at least 6 continents out there with the appetite for American Made Goods).  And it is worth billions.

Important Note: The US Department Of International Trade, just signed international trade agreements with the following countries (New Export Markets For US Products); Japan, Colombia, Australia, Panama, South Korea, Brazil and Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, including some countries in South-East Asia and others.  (The reason behind this is simple that these countries have a growing middle class with tremendous buying power, moreover, these markets are worth billions in export).

3). Profit Margin (Profitability)                    

This business is base on a fifteen percent/15% profit margin.  That is more than a regular salaried person investing in the stock market, could ever dream.  (In general on each and every $3.000.000. export order, Strategic International Marketing will make a net profit of $450.000).  (Keep in mind; Strategic International Marketing will be working with multiple companies and markets simultaneously.  Note: By multiplying the mention amount of, $450.000 by 15 companies and growing). (That is a worthwhile profit margin and an astronomical compound effect).

4). Types 0f Product Exporting.

Strategic International Marketing: Marketing approach or premise is a massive and aggressive marketing campaign, to reach small and medium size business that is not exporting.  And assist these companies with selling their goods overseas: With this approach we are reaching to all types of products, that has an export potential. (All types of product) (Multi products, markets, countries and companies simultaneously). (All types of products/goods sanction legal by the U.S. Department Of Commerce/Office Of Foreign Assets Control).

5). Business Turnover / Profit Return 

                    Business profit return is based on the following factors                                                                               

Profit Return:  Strategic International Marketing business profit/turnover (Profit Return) is based on repeat purchases/orders from overseas companies.  And how many companies Strategic International Marketing is doing business with.  With an aggressive marketing in place, it is expected that Strategic International Marketing will have a client base of fifteen to twenty companies in the first year and half. According, to accounting firms, which were consulted on this matter, the profit margin/return for Strategic International Marketing is estimated to be at least $8/MM to $9/MM a year.

Frequency of purchase: Other parameter to measure profit return, is purchase frequency, how many times a company place an order or purchase.  Strategic International Marketing will be working with multiple companies.  Hence, multiple profit avenues, companies normally, place international orders on monthly, bimonthly, every three months (trimester) and every six months. 

Net profit projections: Based on the information provided above,the net profit projections for Strategic International Marketing are at least $10.000.000/U.S, dollars and/or over yearly.  This conclusion is based on the fact that the company will be working with multiple companies in multiple markets simultaneously. 

Growth and company success: To insure and guarantee success, and growth of Strategic International Marketing, the company will be concentrating on working/exporting a great variety/different types of products in various markets overseas. Growth projections are estimated to be $8 MM t0 $10 MM on yearly basis.

6). Best Overseas Markets For U.S Products

The following are the top/best countries importing U.S. products and services in 2014, according, to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau and other U.S. government sources. And International Marketing Intelligence (Best overseas markets for U.S. products).

Japan, Netherlands, Brazil, India, Germany, China, South Correa, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, France and others.

 7). Marketing Approach in USA (Agressive multi pronged market strategy- approach overseas and domestic/USA.

  • E-mail marketing/Internet Marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Advertisement (Traditional and new format marketing)
  • Trade Shows overseas and Trade Shows U.S.A.
  • Telemarketing
  • Marketing in conjunction with U.S. Department Of Commerce (Export-Import Department).  They assist with overseas market research and overseas leads
  • Overseas advertisement: News papers, trade magazine and new media
  • Internet expos and conventions
  • International/Overseas Trade Shows
  • B2B internet marketing
  • Mobile device marketing
  • NTDB (National Trade Data Base)
  • ITDB (International Trade Data Base) 

8). Business Model

The business model consists of a 15% (fifteen percent markup).  Which is a very straight forward concept used in the export industry. By getting deep discount/manufacturing prices, from the companies working in conjunction with Strategic International Marketing.  In general Strategic International Marketing will function as an export marketing and management company for the manufacturing residing in the US.  Strategic International Marketing will process all orders.  And, to avoid conflict of interest a 3 to 5 year working agreement/contract will be involved/signed.

Business Model Summarize:

  1. A three to Five year working agreement will be signed
  2. Strategic International Marketing, will function as an export/export management company
  3. All orders will be process through Strategic International Marketing
  4. Profit consist of a 15% (Profit is based on repeat buying/business)
  5. Repeat purchase on: Monthly, bimonthly, trimester and semester repeat purchase.
  6. To avoid “By-Passing” a contract will be required.
  7. Trade lawyers will be contracted/consulted (As part of the company’s team)
  8. Strategic International will find/research overseas markets for U.S. companies.
  9. (There is an international marketing infrastructure in the market to do this type of research).

9). Key to success Overseas

As in any market, conversely in exporting the key to success is to constantly, consistently and aggressively seeking and looking for new business opportunities.   Conversely, the need to have in the sleeves an aggressive multi-pronged marketing plan/campaign to cover and counteract eventualities and unforeseen market factors. (A throughout marketing plan to manage market variables, this marketing approach will include a multi market and products/goods approach).  That is to provide the market with the needed products or goods, that the market(s) are seeking (Demand). (Be vigilance for market and opportunities). Summation for success:

  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Constantly and constantly looking for new business opportunities
  • Marketing and P.R to decision makers/CEO
  • Build market position
  • Developing defining and negotiating and closing business relationship
  • Identify trendsetter by researching industry and business opportunity
  • Enhance business reputation
  • Exploring business opportunities to add intrinsic value to strategic International Marketing
  • Locate or proposes potential business deals
  • Work in conjunction with US Department of Commerce, as a source of  export leads
  • Multiple markets/Countries/Goods and business simultaneously
  • Diversify markets and intentions.

What will the business do with the money raised on this platform: (How Strategic International Marketing will invest the money raised.

  • Buying and selling to overseas markets for a 15% markup.
  • Invest in broadening the business market share, in more markets
  • Invest in business talent acquisition.
  • Buying and product acquisition.
  • Promote the business in other promising overseas markets.
  • Develop and create business profitability.
  • Promote the business in U.S.A. (Through: Internet marketing, Telemarketing, Direct-Mail Marketing, Visiting Conventions, to market to business prospects.
  • Traveling for marketing purposes
  • Visit conventions overseas and in the US.
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Public Relation
  • Marketing aggressively, new media and traditional media
  • Invest in market intelligence

10). About me and the business. (Business Owner).

  1. Name: Edwin M
  2. Occupation: International Business Developer/International marketing/Export Specialist.
  3. Company: Strategic International Marketing. (Established and based in Chicago IL).
  4. Name of business: Strategic International Marketing (An export marketing and management company).
  5. Business Goal: Strategic International Marketing, A company dedicated to, assisting US small/medium business manufactures gain international markets.
  6. Business orientation: Profit and service driven business.
  7. My Previous experiences: 
  • US. Department Of Commerce (Worked in conjunction with US. Department of commerce export/import Department).
  • International Marketing director:  (International Marketing/Export Company).
  • International Business Developer:  (For an Industrial publishing company).
  • Exporting and international marketing experience

11). Reason for being on this platform

Commercial reason and objective for being on this platform:  To raise the necessary funds, to finance a lucrative export and export management business.  The rationale or reason for and behind this business/concept is predicated on the fact that 90% to 95% of the global trade market reside, outside the borders of the U.S.A. and it is worth billions of dollars.   (Source of information U.S. Department of Commerce/United Nations Global Market Report and International Marketing/Export Intelligence).

12). My Pledge

Promissory note:   In the event that I raised the total amount of $ million dollar, needed for this endeavor, as Strategic International Marketing is successful in one or two year from now.  I the (Founder) of  Strategic International Marketing, will donate the total amount of $200.000 to the community of this fundraising platform (PREFUNDIA).  My motive for this pledge is because I believe that platforms as these/this are imperative, to leveling the “playing field,” in generating/creating business opportunities, and the capital needed to develop abstract ideas into concrete businesses that are imperative in creating jobs, and developing the U.S. economy.  (This is compassionate capitalism at its best, capable of leveling the playing field and do good).

 13). The Greater Good

Social and Humanitarian Reason for being on this platform

 Social-Humanitarian commitment:  Strategic International Marketing believe that one of the most important resources of a country or ay nation is our kids/children, and that every society has the paramount obligation and responsibility, to provide for our kids the best education there is.  With a good education we will develop better people, better human beings, better communities and a better society.   Hence, as Strategic International Marketing grows financially, and gain market share, Strategic Marketing International will dedicate 1% percent of its net profit to causes related to the education of our kids/children.

14). Beyond Making: Money

Strategic International Marketing is more than a business it is an Institution: An institution for posterity.  Besides making money, the company has a social commitment and responsibility with all those that are indirectly and directly related:  Strategic International Marketing is about, improving lives, living conditions, and empowering people.  We will provide living wages so this can have a positive ripple effect within the families and communities we come in contact with. (Strategic International Marketing social social motive is Better the welfare of those that come in contact with this company).

15). Your Help And Smarts Are Needed (Soliciting your intelligence).

How you can help:  Admittedly, I can’t do this on my own.  As my grandmother use to say “To make that kite fly you’re going to need some serious wind.” The reality I am going to need help from all of you out there.  Even from people that I don’t even know, and that is the beauty of this endeavor. 

With a project of this magnitude I am going to need the wind of the greater web/internet community and the public in general to make this happen.  If this project catches your eye, talk about it, let this be your cooler conversation, gossip about my project fine with me, let other people know about this fabulous idea and what this company stand for.  With your help I/we can make something beautiful happen.  Thank you much for your intelligence and your help is greatly need and appreciated.

 16). Types of donations seeking:

This being a crowd funding effort, and due to the many variables involved in this project, I will keep an open mind, when it comes to funders. (I am seeking: Venture capital, Donors, Angels, Investors, Crowd-funders, international donors/funders, and investors are also welcome.

                              -Chief Executive Officers/CEO’s commenting On Exporting-

CEO/Ford Motors: Mark Fields, “The best way to improve the GDP of this country is to improve exports.”

CEO/UPS:  Scott Davis:  “The only way to improve the economy is to sell more American made products overseas.”

To conclude:

Without A Vision There Is No Future/Sin Vision No Hay Futuro:

Why it is imperative for U.S companies to go global?  The same reasons that Apple Inc and Microsoft Inc are exporting…the future of both company…posterity.  The third reason that exporting is important, is because, a single imported authentic Peruvian “PASO STRAW HAT,” will set you back $30.000.00 (U.S. Dollars).  Yes, one-single hat, for thirty thousand dollars.






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