Exospace online WebBrowser 3D simulator
Exospace online WebBrowser 3D simulator

no fairy tales, SCI-FI ...

It is 2015 now. Sixty years ago, a man walked on the Moon. This is the farthest part of Space, where the human crew has ever been. The nearest piece of stone, which is not connected with Earth.
Do you really think, that we, humans, will ever leave our Solar system? Or will humans ever successfully convert other planets into their new homes?
In fact, during our lifetime, probably not.

But, in distant future, yes, we can handle it. Only by one condition. Today is the day when we must start working on this.

Our game is situated 150 years in the real future. When human kind reaches energy sources and technology level to visit distant places in the closer space.

Why 150 years?

It is future’s imaginable edge. It is the most distant time, where we can predict future and conceptual technology. 130 years in the past, Jules Verne and H.G.Wells wrote about cars, mobile phones, internet, and yes, about space traveling.

100 years in the past, Einstein worked on the Theory that we use today in modern devices. 150 years in the future is the same distant border of our imagination like 150 years in the past.


Our imagination pushes us forward. Our goal, and the goal of our children’s children should be to explore, visit and settle in outer Space.
In each time period, great inventors or irreplaceable scientists begin with their imagination. For imagination in the right place, you need knowledge. You cannot imagine, how to settle a nearby planet, if you really do not know how it looks like and what are the environmental conditions there.

That is what we want. To show you real space and real possibilities of our future. Real nature and real science is much more interesting than any sci-fi written film or play until today.

Realistic angle of view

If we want to look with right perspective, first of all, we need vanquish standard sci-fi mystification:

There are for 500 years of our scientific reality never officially contacted or observed, nor proved existence of civilization from surrounding Space. In fact, in each scientific work we find the opposite. That does not mean they do not exist. It is only rather unlikely that we will communicate with another civilization for the next 150 years. With a bit of luck, most advanced civilization will not find us.

We often see planets that are close enough, and it sometimes seems like you can jump from one to another. Space looks full of hovering balls and stars. Opposite is true. Distances between all objects in space are so far that your mind cannot imagine that. Simply, our brain wasn't constructed for that. Most of sci-fi is simpler to understand by sorting real distances. But it is not.

This is how we imagine distance between earth and its Moon.
And this is reality in scale.

In most sci-fi you can see how space ships are hunting an flying next to each other. Space jets are flying like in 1800 and shooting lasers, the short light beams slower than a bullet.
Space station is orbiting 17,100 mph around the Earth. Can you imagine that speed? If you shoot a bullet, it has a speed of about 1,000 mph. If you want to dock on space station, it is like hit bullet by another bullet, 17 times faster. No, space ships cannot fly around while fighting in dog-fight style. 
From other point, with Space Station actual speed, we will soon die in old age than we arrive to anther planet in our solar system. In future, we need much- much faster ships.


Yes, we know, we cannot use our brains in that way, movie and game producers know it too. That is the reason why they create non-sci-fi. In our game, we want to give you the real opportunity and real direction of human progress.

In Exospace, we take care to use possible, conceptual or existing technology by space agencies and private companies. Each item you meet in the game is a real scientifically documented or real used piece of technology. That is the reason why our modern ships look like old Russian Mir or American Apollo space crafts. There is no reason to change functional design. Like a first car, it is more modern today, but still on four tires with light in front and driver in the middle, after 150 years of evolving.

More fun then you think

Don’t worry, we know that the majority of real games are not so fun; however we are doing the best to be more fun than ever. In Exospace you can:

  • Get and train your crew
  • Build configure your ship
  • Explore the real space
  • Invent new technology
  • Exchange resources on real price market
  • Mine materials from real asteroids (using real asteroids parameters surfaces and positions)
  • Find a places to settle  and found planetary colonies
  • Make a fractions, defend your ownership
  • Or be the one who is every afraid, found your own pack of pirates ..

Play in browser 

Yes! Exospace is one of the first HTML5 games, meaning that it runs completely in your browser, no installation or plugin is required

Play with friends and thousands of other players

Exospace is an MMO game that is a massive multiplayer game. Each existing ship in space will be a real player.

Play for free

You can play Exospace for free, backsters will have access to ultimate ships, items and technologies.

Learn facts about real space

The space is real. If you arrive to a planet, you can bet, it really exists and looks similar.

The OPEN SOURCE models

We have about 80 models of spacecraft modules, landers or surface habitats. In the future, players can contribute and add their own models of existing or conceptual spacecrafts to the game’s repository. Everyone can download 3D models and use for their own purposes, for 3D printing as an example. We would be overjoyed if they were used for educational purposes and science popularization. Visit our catalog to explore some of them www.exospacegame.net


The ship day life

As a space ship commander you have to take care of ship day life, working routine just like in a real spacecraft. You will be able to allocate crewmembers to their jobs and you will be responsible to keep onboard systems in operation.

Open world with butterfly effect

Each action in the game world will have impact on other player’s lives. If you decide to found a space station and this station will become a great merchant point, you will be a rich owner with a big influence. Or you can be a pirate occupying a business trail waiting for your prey.

The story

Immersive single player campaign is also included. You will chose one of your specialization and fly for new adventures in scientific, industrial, miner or tactical missions.

Build your own fleet now

Enlist today and get pre-game rewards, visit our site  www.exospacegame.net. We have registered 100 fleets and we are growing fast!





Beta gameplay ship berthing to orbital station...

Beta gameplay advanced artifical gravity living module ...

Beta gameplay asteriod mining

Beta gameplay arriving Jupiter

Beta gameplay first planet colony

Beta gameplay first water-level settlement

Beta gameplay athmospheric base testing

Beta gameplay Mars surface colony

Map of SOL system

Build your base and choose either to create a universal space station or focus on one particular industry, such as mining, trade, manufacturing, research, logistics, or even banking. Of course, battleships are included. 

The choice is yours. Support other players or become their biggest terror ...

Actual information from development on facebook page


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