ExaQueue - Tournament organizer & Game-Buddy finder
ExaQueue - Tournament organizer & Game-Buddy finder

This project has already launched.

Tinder for finding Gaming-Buddies?
YouTube for interactive entertainment/games? Tournament organizer for every supported online game? If the social media for gamer is going to be a thing, that's is up to you!   

Help us make gaming what it should be! The biggest entertainment niche.
 A real profession. A place for everyone to have fun and share amazing experiences!

We're an excited team of 4 people want to make gaming more community focused!
Literally we think that playing in tournaments with your school, your co-workers, your Facebook friends or with your self built up community through the Gaming-Buddy finder is an incredible experience!
But up to now there's way too much effort to organize one so we decided to develop a platform is dedicated for every community gamer!

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