Ex Labrys: Beware the Minotaur
Ex Labrys: Beware the Minotaur

Beware the Minotaur! Ex Labrys is a game for 2-5 players where you must cross an ever-changing maze.

Beware the Minotaur! In Ex Labrys, you must get your pawns across an ever changing labyrinth. Do you move your pawn or move the minotaur to attack your opponent? Do you change the maze to open your own path, or to block others? Or better yet, both? As you move your pawns across the maze, you and your opponents will be turning tiles, swapping them, and moving pawns and the minotaur around for best effect.  

Ex Labrys is a game I've been working on for a few years, as time has permitted. A theme change and many playtests later, it's ready for the public. Now I want to move forward. Small-lot printing isn't cheap, but if I can get a few copies out there, I feel confident that it will, at the very least, give a few people some enjoyment. I want you to be one of those people.  

What in the box: 1 Minotaur pawn, 12 regular pawns, 30 tiles, 50 cards, and a rulebook.

You can have a look and try it out now, for free. Just download the low res Print & Play, and see how much fun it is! If you want to invest some ink, use the PnP with Prototype graphics (80mb). Playing Ex Labrys is largely what you make it. At it's core, you are moving pawns across an ever changing maze, making changes to build a path for your pawns as you go. 

 Depending on how aggressive you and your opponents choose to be, the game can be a relatively quick race, or "Sorry" on steroids, as you constantly send each other back to the start. 

Where will the money go?
The bulk of the funds will go to producing and distributing the game. 
There are also KS and Amazon fees, pay for the artwork, and recouping the investment involved in this whole process.
Anything left over will be used to prepare for the next one.

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