Everything Is Wrong {EP} by TAVIA
Everything Is Wrong {EP} by TAVIA

This project has already launched.



I cannot tell you how excited I am to be collaborating on this project with some of the most talented, committed, crazy-brained music people I know. My band and I have chosen 5 of our favorite original songs and are putting together a little something-something for your ears! 


The album is called "Everything Is Wrong", and each of the songs represents a moment or an experience when life is not quite at it's fullest. On some level, we all relate to feelings of anxiety, grief, confusion, and a little bit of melodrama (especially on Mondays). We all have to try to make peace with an imperfect world. We all need to know and feel that we are not alone.

It all begins here, with YOU and me. 

Jump in and we'll explore this process, song by song - I'll let you into some of my deepest moments of sadness, adventure, and hope, and together we'll find the humor that hides within it all. 


Musicians + Studio = $2,200 
Production + Mixing = $2,500 
Mastering = $500 
Printing + Distribution = $1,500 
Reward Fulfillment + Fees = $300 
Total: $7,000

Release Date: TBD (the goal is by the end of April)

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