This project has already launched.

Consumers have had to rely on traditional risk-pooling models in order to plan for and manage the expenses of life - unexpected health costs, loss or damage to property and other expenses. The rising costs of these types of models has made it untenable for many consumers today. At the same time, consumers are increasingly tapping the power of community to handle unexpected expenses -- note the soaring popularity of GoFundMe and other crowd-funding sites. And they increasingly expect and demand more transparency and accountability.

Consumers are ready for a change, so it’s time for a new platform to help consumers manage the reality of expenses in our lives. Eusoh has developed a new model, a crowd-sharing platform that allows consumers to form groups to share unexpected expenses. Eusoh streamlines expense-sharing by allowing consumers to select and join groups to crowd-share their costs after the expenses occur.
The platform is designed to avoid the costs of storing and collecting money that burden traditional risk-pooling models. The platform drives a new level of transparency, affordability, trust and accountability into the way people handle the unexpected expenses of life.

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