This project has already launched.

Hello, I thank you kindly for your consideration.

My name is James Price, and it is my heartfelt belief that our loved ones should be memorialized in a digital format to compliment the traditional death ritual that we’ve been accustomed to for so long.

My dream is to create a social media platform for memorializing loved ones in one location, allowing for photos, videos and messaging. The platform will be free to join, and also allow electronic tombstones and grave markers.

Individuals and families can create the most beautiful customized memorial for their loved ones. The beautiful thing about this project is that these will never rust, corrode, be vandalized or an inconvenience to visit. The memory will live on forever. We can create a memorial for the memories of our loved ones, both human and animal. We can continue to see their faces and even hear their voices when audio is available, right on our smart phones or computer screens. Members could even build their own memorial to leave to their loved ones when they’re gone. In the future technology will be available that allows visitors to play pictures, videos and audio at the gravestone of the monument for our loved ones.

Members will have the ability to choose from several package options, including basic images, fonts and colors for the digital epitaph. Additional quotes or poems can be added, digital graphics, music, and other options of their choosing. Fees will be nominal and are based on the size and graphics of the chosen digital memorial.

Thank you again for your time and consideration. With help from people like you we can make this dream a reality. It is time we pay homage to those who have helped shape the world in which we live. Their honor and admiration should live on forever.

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

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