Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment
Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment

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By Juliana Patel and Ariel Rubin

 A 1-1.5 hour cooperative puzzle solving game for 2-6 players about escaping from a mad scientist’s plot to turn you and your friends into werewolves!

 What is Escape Room In A Box?

Escape Room In A Box is an experience as much as a game. It is all the fun of working with your friends at puzzle-solving, clue-finding, racing-against-time of an Escape Room crammed into a tiny box of DOOM! (But only if you don’t escape, if you do escape it’s a tiny box of BRILLIANCE!)

We can’t tell you too much without ruining the surprise, but these are not just pen and paper puzzles. There are locked boxes! Keys and codes that must be found! Feats of dexterity, quests for knowledge and mind-bending brain teasers that must be accomplished.

What is an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms are a wildly popular new form of live gaming sweeping the country. The basic concept is a group of people gets locked in a room and has to solve puzzles in order to get out of the room. In our game, we have all the excitement of the “room” crammed into a box so players can have the same immersive and challenging experience in the comfort of their own home (and for a lot less money!). We’ve done a lot of research and despite the massive popularity of Escape Rooms, there is nothing like this on the market.

Okay, but how will this actually work?

You will receive a beautifully designed, fascinating box. You will take off the lid and notice that there is another lid that you CANNOT OPEN until you start the game.

Intrigued, you will invite your friends over for an ESCAPE ROOM PARTY. You can even make appetizers, drinks and decorations from the Official Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment Party Planner (which you found right under the box lid.)

The day of your party will arrive, everyone will be excited and curious what they’re in store for. You will eat, drink, be merry and gather around a table to begin this once in a lifetime experience.

You will lift the lid and…. We can’t tell you anymore without spoilers and we would never do that to you.

What are the Rules:

Okay, we can tell you a little more. Here are rules: 


  1. Do not lift this panel until your timer is set and you are ready to start the game.
  2. You have one hour to discover the clues, solve the puzzles and put it all together to find the antidote.
  3. Everything you need to complete your goal has been given to you. EXCEPT: Your timer device, hot (but not burning!) water (not for paper), and extra pencils. Looking at your portable brain irradiator (smart phone)/computer/Encyclopedia Britannica/etc for anything other than the time is CHEATING.
  4. Don’t eat anything in the game. This should be obvious. But I work with a bunch of animals.
  5. Brain not Brawn! You do not need to cut, tear, punch, bite, claw or generally destroy anything to complete your goal. You may need to open, untie or unscrew. You’ll find out!


  1. Elect a leader to keep track of everything, fill in the answer sheet and make sure all puzzles are being worked on.
  2. This is a cooperative game, but for the sake of time, Divide and Conquer! If you get stuck: Switch puzzles.
  3. Look EVERYWHERE. Use EVERYTHING. Everything has a purpose, some things have more than one.
  4. There are no red herrings. If you get stuck: Go back and look for something you haven’t used.

Better than an actual Escape Room:

  1. Location: Ever noticed how Escape Rooms are all in super sketchy neighborhoods with terrible parking? Escape Room in A Box is in the best location (your house) with awesome parking (because it is at your house.)
  2. Cost: Escape Rooms are expensive! Like, $30 a person! That’s $180 for your six person group! Our game is ¼ of the price for 152% of the fun.
  3. You won’t be locked in a room: For those of you who love puzzles but hate the thought of being locked in a room by some minimum wage out of work actor, in our game you aren’t locked in a room. You are just stuck with a box…of AWESOME.

Who should buy this game?

Everyone who loves Escape Rooms. Everyone who loves puzzles. Anyone who wants to host a super fun and unique party. Anyone who wants a really fun team building exercise: companies, schools, clubs, families. Also, just, everyone. Everyone should buy this game. It is awesome.

So… I can only play this once?

Yes, the game is primarily a one time use game like the real Escape Rooms or Murder Mystery Night Games. As you'll see when you play, it isn't just solving puzzles, the puzzles are part of a complicated web of clues that lead you to your goal, so after the first play you'll know too much!

 However, since we know you want some replay-ability we will be selling a very cheap refill pack (included free with the kickstarter!) that will include a .pdf of the puzzles, a few of the elements that are used up and instructions for reconstructing the box so you can host for your friends and watch them escape the terrible werewolf fate (or not!). If this game is successful, we hope to do more in the series and allow you to send in the hardware (the expensive bits, like, the locks) so they can be reused and you will then receive the next game at significant discount. So, get in at the ground level, because this game is awesome and our plans for the next one are even awesomer (if that’s possible.)

 Risks and Challenges:

Our biggest challenge with this game is creating an Escape Room experience for your home at a cost people feel comfortable with. Because we wanted to include quality components, real locks and complicated puzzles the game materials cost a lot more than your average board game and that doesn’t even include construction (As you will see when you play, there are a number of elements that have to be done by hand.) From our research we’ve learned that you are supposed to charge 5x the amount your game costs to make, plus the percentage Kickstarter takes, plus ___ ____. In order to keep the price down for you, we are not doing that. We are only charging a little more than the game materials, plus paying ourselves and our friends minimum wage to put it together. The MSRP for the game will be $60+Shipping, but the Kickstarter price will be only $45+Shipping. As an early supporter you will be saving $15!

 Launching on Kickstarter Feb 3!






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