Erling - Keeps your wireless earphones securely within reach
Erling - Keeps your wireless earphones securely within reach

erling Enn

Enn is a piece of functional jewelry that seamlessly secures the AirPods in place, within reach. It does this by using magnets inside the piece that attract onto the AirPods magnets; giving you quick and easy access to your music and privacy.

 Worry-free AirPods

With Apple’s AirPods small size, they can be easy to lose track of. The Erling Enn is our way to set those fears aside.


Inherently Attractive

erling Enn comes in silver or gold. It attaches to your clothing with magnets placed on the inside and outside your shirt or jacket. No damage is done to your clothing with pins or clasps. The outside magnet’s slanted surface design allows each AirPod to lay neatly next to each other on their own smooth surface.


Erling grew up in Norway during the 1940s when resources were scarce, to him, beautiful design was to do a lot with little. Even though times have changed, we still hold onto the same principle philosophy: designing products that are beautifully functional.

Enn Dock

Store your Enn neatly and beautifully on the Enn Dock. Made of oak wood and treated with an oil-based stain to withstand water and wear.









  Enn & Dock








We need your support

With your help, we’re able to cover the deposit our manufacturers need to initiate production. We also need to cover costs such as shipping and packaging.

We’ve absorbed most of the costs beforehand so we can initiate production sooner and lower the risks for our backers.













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