EpiFinder: Seizure and Epilepsy Patient Portal App
EpiFinder: Seizure and Epilepsy Patient Portal App

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Currently, the rates of misdiagnosis of epilepsy are as high as 40% with patients going from doctor to doctor suffering for 10-15 years with uncontrollable seizures. This is because there are more than 50 different types of epilepsy. Our Seizure and Epilepsy Patient Portal App significantly improves the accuracy of and time to diagnosis by providing more correct epilepsy syndromes to consider in less than 10-15 seconds to the doctor. (Mayo Clinic IRB approved study will be published in December)

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Patients are often stressed speaking with doctors and healthcare professionals due to time constraints to remember important details in a sterile, time-pressured environment. The new Patient Portal App empowers the patient and their loved ones to open the App and record all of the details while it is fresh in their mind by giving them the prompts and the time and space needed to tell their story fully. 

The App then takes the information and summarizes it into standard medical terms familiar to healthcare professionals. This strengthens the doctor/patient relationship by encouraging understanding and discussion about the condition for both patients and clinical staff. 

When necessary, the EpiFinder’s Patient Portal App allows patients to be more quickly connected to the healthcare professional that will be able to address their specific epilepsy diagnosis and create an effective, unique treatment plan. Healthcare professionals receive a summary of the patient’s epilepsy history and seizure experiences before the patient even arrives for their appointment, saving both time and money. 

Ultimately, EpiFinder’s goal is to end misdiagnosis and improve the quality of life faster for those diagnosed with epilepsy through their Patient Portal App. Towards this end, Epifinder is now making seamless, social application-style toolsets available on iOS and Android directly to the patient and the provider’s practice. This integration allows users to access EpiFinder at any time. 

People with epilepsy log into the app to answer a set of questions. The questions are designed to get to the essence of their seizures and epilepsy. Additionally, users can record medications and report treatment results. Our app collects the information in a standard and consistent manner, storing it all into a personalized health record. Our system then analyzes the data for seizure type, epilepsy syndrome, and other information and will match the patient to the best doctor for them. The doctor then receives a new patient, complete with a summary of his or her medical notes with guidance on which epilepsies, seizures, brain regions, and electrical brain patterns to consider.


What distinguishes us from the rest is that we understand those who have epilepsy and know what doctors require. We can bridge the gap between what the patient wants to communicate with what the doctor needs to know.






The Problem: Epilepsy affects 1 in 26 individuals throughout their lifetime, and 3.4 million individuals in the U.S. alone suffer from this neurologic condition. The Institute of Medicine (IoM) reported that 35-40% of all individuals with epilepsy spend an average of 12-15 years suffering from uncontrolled seizures and gets misdiagnosed. Often, this is due to a miscommunication with their doctor and misunderstanding of the type of epilepsy that they may have. Because of this, $12.5 billion is wasted on 150,000 new cases of epilepsy every year.

Our Goal: We want to enable you to better communicate with your healthcare professional so that you can get the right treatment from them faster.

Patient Portal: We are creating an app that gives you the time to tell your story in a focused manner by gathering your information before you see your healthcare professional. We will match you with the best epilepsy care team for you and provide them with a standard medical summary. With the information that they need in their language and guidance from our app, they can better understand your story and manage your condition.

Although epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological problem and its associated economic costs are high, federal funding in epilepsy is modest and lags behind other common neurological conditions.


This translate to fewer discoveries, knowledge, and solutions for those with epilepsy leading to fewer doctors trained to be knowledgeable about your condition. YOU can bridge the gap by contributing to a company that researches and builds solutions for you. With your support, we will push for seizure and epilepsy research and app development that will enable you to take back control. 

Now, we need your help to bring the seizure and epilepsy patient portal App to life!

Robert Yao, Co-founder, and CEO: Robert is finishing his Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics at Arizona State University and has had graduate education in molecular genetics, medicine, computer science, and neuroinformatics. He co-leads a multi-disciplinary multiple-award winning team that creates clinical decision support tools for neurologists and researchers. Robert has received numerous awards and recognition including grants for research and advocacy in epilepsy and neurology, the outstanding mentor award, the HIMSS scholar award, Graduate Student Leader of the Year, Changemaker Entrepreneur of the Year, and 40 Under 40 Business Leaders of the Year.

Neel Mehta, Co-founder, and Chief Strategy Officer: Neel is a multifaceted entrepreneur and Biomedical Informaticist with over several years of experience in Healthcare Information and Technology. He was recognized as the 2017 Healthcare Innovators Business Leaders, awarded 40 under 40 by Phoenix Business Journal in 2016, and 35 entrepreneurs 35 and younger in 2015.



“EpiFinder’s patient portal will help people take back power over their lives, their decision, their health. I applaud that it provides the opportunity for the patient to input the correct information, sharing responsibility for their own health with their physician and nurse because that is how we save everyone’s time and get to solutions.”

- Dr. Joseph Sirven, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic

 “Very innovative technology and extremely important to patients that have been misdiagnosed for too long. Fascinating.” 

“Interesting approach to diagnosing a very often misdiagnosed disease."

“An incredible tool! Something that I hope is utilized worldwide. Can absolutely benefit the field of epilepsy and create simplicity in identifying specific seizure types.“ 

“Interesting new technology for quicker and better outcomes.”

“Revolutionary! Patient-centered, brilliant, grounded and entertaining!” 

“Very interesting topic with a lot of potential.” 

 - Attendees from the 2017 ASET, Neurodiagnostic Society Conference




 *All subscriptions renew at the pricing mentioned on epifinder.com/pricing 

*Lifetime Subscription - Full access to the current App, must pay full price for other apps and services in the future. 



Supported Devices: EpiFinder is compatible with all recent Android and iOS devices. For iOS Version 9.0 and newer, the following devices support EpiFinder: iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7,  iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 6s.  For Android, any device running Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer should be fully supported by EpiFinder.  

We know not everyone will be able to support us with a pledge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help us spread the word! Make sure to share EpiFinder with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and wherever else you can think of! 

Our team thanks you for checking out our project. 

Please Note: We must be clear that the EpiFinder App is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any illness. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional. 






If you have questions at any time, during or after the campaign has closed, you can always reach us at info@epifinder.com or chat with us here!

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