Epic Sci-Fi Tiles: Sci Fi Tiles for 3D Printers (OpenLOCK)
Epic Sci-Fi Tiles: Sci Fi Tiles for 3D Printers (OpenLOCK)

This project has already launched.

Quick beautiful sci-fi tiles for 3D printers. STL files to print as many tiles as you wish. Please note: this is a digital product.


One of the reasons I started creating my own dungeon tiles is because I love playing role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Starfinder and Apocalypse World. I wanted some tiles that looked epic and were so easy to setup that they didn't interrupt game play, so Epic Sci Fi Tiles were created!

All of the floor and wall tiles have connecting pipework that flows throughout them. These are modular so you can spin them around put any tile next to another one and still get that awesome looking pattern below.

The previous Kickstarter can also be found at: https://epicdungeontiles.com/

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