Epic Roll: Eclipse
Epic Roll: Eclipse

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Do you enjoy dice games? How about cards? And how do you feel about fast-paced fantasy battles, and racing opponents for treasure and glory? WELL GREAT NEWS! You've come to the right place...

Epic Roll: Eclipse is the first stand-alone expansion for the Epic Roll series, combining a dice-based battle system with card effects and potent abilities. The result? fast action and daring adventure in a light, portable format.


 Eclipse challenges players to don their black hats (helms and cowls are also acceptable) and lead the forces of evil against the Paladin King and his loyal followers. Make your friends jealous and your parents proud(ish) by being the first to plunge the kingdom into darkness. Trampling do-gooders on your way to victory is only part of the fun…further enjoyment comes as you thwart the efforts of your fellow players and spoil their dreams of glory. All while grinning behind steepled fingers.

Eclipse allows 2-3 players to compete in games averaging 15-30 minutes. Combined with the original Epic Roll, games expand to support up to 6 players, competing in teams or individually (with 6 players, expect games to last 40-60 minutes)

Any reward level backer may increase their backing amount to receive an Add On in addition to their reward.

  • $20 (+shipping) Add an extra copy of Epic Roll or Epic Roll Eclipse
  • $100 Become an official Epic Roll Closed-Beta Team-member to receive new expansions months before they are available to the public, and provide critical feedback impacting the final designs.
  • $100 Join Summon Entertainment in Orange County, CA for the Feast of the Eclipse on Friday November 18th, celebrating the production of Epic Roll Eclipse.

See the Add On section at the bottom of the page for more details.



"The first stand-alone expansion for Epic Roll brings new rules and new character to the universe, and is a fantastic addition to the fun."

"Persistence is a great new rule triggered by the power die in the second half of the game...It gives you a boost as well as adding more tactical choices to the game."

- Larry “Gantrell” Mendel

Epic Roll Eclipse includes all of the following:

9 Molded Custom Dice

30-Card Treasure Deck


3 Large-Format Hero Cards


6 Champion Tokens

Eclipse includes new-style tokens for the original champions too!
Eclipse includes new-style tokens for the original champions too!


5x10” Game Board

Full Rule Book for both the Basic and Veteran game



 Click HERE to download the full pre-release rules

Tutorial and full game play, all in one glorious, sprawling video!:




The Bolt Card demonstrates the more cutthroat nature of Eclipse’s champions, and is certain to be a welcome addition to the treasure deck (at least when you’re the guy or gal doing the Bolting). The Bolt card deals a point of damage directly to an opposing player. Nastier still, two Bolts can be played together as a Death Strike, blasting your opponent for a whopping three points of damage. Tremble mortals, for the long-awaited “nuclear option” is now on the table.

Another addition to the treasure deck comes in the form of three different wildcards, each presenting wo possible effects. A “Clash” wildcard can, for example, be used as a Hit or a Block, with the effect chosen at the time it’s played. Wildcards can also be paired with basic cards (or each other) to generate powerful Focused Effects.

Click HERE for a rundown of what's new in Eclipse for returning Epic Roll players.

Team Play!

Using Eclipse as an expansion, play with up to six players in a team challenge. Join your fellow villains and represent the dark side as you compete against the heroes of Epic Roll.

Time to round up the squad and apply an epic beatdown
Time to round up the squad and apply an epic beatdown

Play order alternates between the teams, beginning with the top champion on each board. Can you topple the Paladin King from his gilded throne before the good guys can banish the Lich? The answer is YES, if you hold on to your dreams and believe in yourselves. Oh, it also helps to have a little insider information:

• You can use your Hits, Blocks, and Heals to aid allies during their turns.

• Your activated abilities (particularly Dara, Orric, and Mal Asha) can often be used to aid friends, as well as hinder opponents.

• Airspeed of an unladen swallow: 11 meters per second (24 mph)


This one is in the bag. Get it? In the bag? ahem...
This one is in the bag. Get it? In the bag? ahem...

When the Summon Facebook page hits 600 likes, we’re adding a 6”x9” drawstring bag, emblazoned with a Summon logo as a reward! Champion tokens can be drawn from the bag when randomly selecting characters, and it is also large enough to hold the game contents if you prefer not to carry the box. Oh, and it’s velour – the most sensual of game-bag materials.

Click HERE to visit and Like our page!

Initial concept art shown, Kev's final version will have Banshees and Templars running for the hills!

2017 Promo Card

In honor of our Eclipse Backers we’ve decided to get working on a limited-edition 2017 Promo Card straight away. The mighty Cleave card inflicts a Critical Hit on an enemy creature, dealing 2 damage and leaving the poor fellow wondering what it did to tick you off!

When we reach 200 backers, the Cleave card will be unlocked and included with each Usurper (x1), Dark Champion (x2), and Night Bringer (x2) pledge. Huzzah, and death to the NPCs standing against you.

Backers will receive six Magic Item cards. Presenting players with new strategic options, the magic items are chosen in reverse-turn sequence at the beginning of the game. These potent artifacts may build on a champion’s strengths, shore up weaknesses, or provide other unusual benefits as the game unfolds.

Two additional playable characters, usable in place of (or in addition to, if you don’t mind a snug fit) any of the original champions. Each champion includes their own die, token, champion card, and special accessories.

Being a walking, rotting corpse has given William a very different outlook on life. His unique abilities and play style will provide experienced players with a new challenge and some new tricks as well.

Bundi isn’t a greedy dwarf – he’s just not comfortable allowing less-deserving creatures to have nice things. On a quest to recapture stolen relics, Bundi wields his people’s ancient secrets, and battle gear inscribed with potent runes.

Backers pledging an additional $20 or more (I'm looking at you, Usurpers, Dark Champions, and Night Bringers) may purchase additional copies of Epic Roll or Epic Roll: Eclipse for each additional $20 pledged (+shipping). A great gift idea, just say'n.

Backers pledging an additional $100 or more may join the Epic Roll Closed-Beta Team! Closed-Beta Team-members will receive an advanced copy of all future Epic Roll expansions. We have several Epic Roll expansions on the board, including our first Cooperative Play supplement “Hand of Fate”, and we’d love to get passionate players involved. We pay for the kits and shipping (domestic), you play the heck out of them and tell us what you think. Sent out months before the final version enters production, these kits will be custom made to order, and differences in artwork and coloration from the final production games will occur. The feedback you provide will help shape the future of Epic Roll.

Backers pledging an additional $100 or more may partake in the Feast of the Eclipse! Join the Summon Entertainment team on Friday, November 18th for dinner, games, and merriment as we herald in the Eclipse! The exact location remains a mystery, but the event will take place in scenic and cost-effective Orange County, CA.


 After decades of oppression, hope and light returned to the Kingdom of Gallagh. A wanderer from distant lands named Harkados defeated and banished the Red Cabal - Gallagh’s cruel, long-reigning oligarchy. Crowned the Paladin King by adoring subjects, Harkados lead Gallagh and its people into an age of justice and prosperity.

Just the sort of nonsense the forces of evil cannot abide.

While considered a hero by some, the so-called Paladin King has done little to improve the welfare of Gallagh’s hardworking criminals and evildoers. Much of the violent, predatory behavior that once flourished under the Red Cabal has been stamped out by the Paladin King’s enforcers. It’s enough to make you want to stab somebody and steal their possessions.

To avenge this mistreatment and reclaim their lost power, the exiled members of the Cabal sought answers within forbidden tomes, and awoke terrible powers from their timeless slumber. Things escalated quickly, and before anyone could really think it through properly, dire oaths were sworn.

Black clouds move through Gallagh’s skies with unnatural speed. The sun drowns in a churning maelstrom, and the land is consumed in shadow. As if in answer to the cries of the doomed townsfolk, three champions of the dark powers appear...






  The original Epic Roll was our first production game, representing about two years of development. We self-funded Epic Roll, and being a band (gang? gaggle?) of designers and artists, used the experience as a means of learning the business, manufacturing, and sales aspects of the game industry. We at long last received our first shipment of Epic Roll in late 2015, and thanks to Golden Distribution and some brave retailers, began delivery to stores this past January.

Look what came in the mail...
Look what came in the mail...

     Four months after the launch of Epic Roll, we released the “Veteran Pack” – a free expansion developed from continued feedback from gamers, reviewers, and fellow publishers. The Veteran Pack introduced the Champion cards (originally referred to as Hero cards), along with the Focused Effect mechanic for treasure cards. Garnering overwhelmingly positive response from players at conventions and store appearances, the Veteran rules and components are now included and supported in all Epic Roll titles.

Chris and Marty roll the Veteran Pack out at KublaCon
Chris and Marty roll the Veteran Pack out at KublaCon

     With August came the crazy, sleepless, amazing experience of our first Gen Con.

(Side Note: As a first-time publisher, exhibiting at Gen Con is akin to waking up from a nap to find yourself in Thunderdome, squared off against a post-apocalyptic cannibal body-builder, with an unwashed extra handing you a running chainsaw and giving you the ‘thumbs-up’ sign.)

    Gen Con was our first public showing of Epic Roll: Eclipse, and it couldn’t have gone over any better. While Epic Roll’s quick games are a big selling point, we are often asked about supporting larger numbers of players, and Eclipse does that with gusto – along with being a great filler game itself. We ran countless demos, played loads of full games, and met legions of shiny gamers with lovely things to say about Eclipse. Gentlemen, you are clear to Kickstart.

Super Dave, rolling dice and taking names at Gen Con
Super Dave, rolling dice and taking names at Gen Con

   And that brings us to the present day. It's been a crazy couple years getting to this point, and it's been a blast. We hope you enjoy our first Kickstarter project, tell your own gaggle of friends about it, and ask any questions that come to mind. Thanks and good day to you!





Risks and challenges

While we have successfully navigated the board game manufacturing and shipping process previously, complications are always a possibility. Chief among them are delays in receiving printed samples, port labor disputes, and sea monsters.
We will be working with the same manufacturing company (Panda GM) on Eclipse as we did on Epic Roll. We are familiar with their templates, and processes, we are using many of the same style and quality components.
We also expect to enlist the aid of Ship Naked to facilitate fulfillment, keeping your shipments on time, and my head of hair fully intact.

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