EP-1 - High Range Affordable Electric Super bike
EP-1 - High Range Affordable Electric Super bike

 We are an Indian start-up,developing what will be India's first electric Superbike named the EP-1, The electric Superbike will be comparable to 600-650 cc motorbikes with internal combustion engines in terms of performance, with a top speed of 250 km/h  The bike will run more than 500 km on a single charge 


An amazing liquid cooled 18.4 kWh Battery-Pack

A combination of High Density Samsung cells make up the entire Battery-Pack, With dedicated Matrix BMS system to monitor and control individual cells providing high levels of safety and efficiency




More than 500 km* on a single Charge

*A total Range of 480 Kilometers on a full charge, at 70 Km/h on the highway and a range of 500 Km ~ 550 Km in the City with Active Regenerative braking






An extremely quiet Belt Drive system

The rear wheel is driven by an Aramid Kevlar reinforced Belt drive system connected to a 40KW high performance PMSM Motor with 180nm at the shaft and 432nm at the wheel, resulting in Quiet operation and increased torque-jerk tolerance and eliminating any lubrication needs


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