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A film about a community of friends, family, mentors and strangers helping a paraplegic climber fulfill a dream of climbing El Capitan.

For decades, Yosemite rock climbing has received significant media attention, and in recent years the spotlight has grown exponentially. However, the vast majority of these productions have followed similar narratives, elite climbers pushing the limits of their athleticism. These fail to illuminate some of the most poignant human experiences transpiring in Yosemite and the climbing community at-large. We are producing a film that addresses these shortcomings through a narrative about the potential compassion of the climbing community.

Enock was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida rendering him paralyzed from the waist down. For the past few years, Enock has participated in the Paradox Sports adaptive climbing program, and with the help of Sean O’Neill, experienced sit-climber, and other Paradox Sports volunteers, guides, and participants, Enock has been training for his dream of climbing El Capitan. I first met Enock a few years ago at a Paradox Sports ice-climbing event. Since then, we have become friends, and along with so many others I have supported his journey to climb El Cap.

This Kickstarter campaign will help to fund a 30 minute film that captures the full depth of this compelling narrative. The film will include interviews sharing the perspectives of many of the individuals involved with this project, including the friends, family, and strangers who assisted Enock throughout his journey. First and foremost, we want to share this film with you, our supporters, through downloadable versions and DVD. We also anticipate submitting Enock to film festivals and plan to create shorter versions of the film to tell the story through social media and other channels.

Because your support means so much, we have put a lot of thought into how we want to return the favor. We are offering some special rewards that we feel match the unique quality of this production. Many of these rewards are one-of-a kind, handmade works of art. Much of the imagery, including the DVD sleeves, and posters will be hand silk-screened by the team. You can see images of the rewards at the Kickstarter Campaign.


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