Zombie Inc presents our latest evolutions of Zombie Dog Tags with out next range of customised, Hand anodised, individually engraved dog tags.

With the world in turmoil the CZDCP is a private organisation setup to issue all legal Zombie Tags. All Tags are required to contain a unique serial number and name issued to each licensee.

Each tag come in your choice colour, Sleek Silver with Blood splat, Covert Black with Bloody Splat, Zombie Green, Sleek Silver, Covert Black, Flash Eaters Pink, Biohazard Orange and Warning Red.

This time they are ALL personal .... and some are bloody!!!

Since our last kickstarter, the crazy minds behind Zombie Dog Tags have been coming up with some new tag ideas and concepts including our NEW blood splatter tags! Our range of personalised tags has grown, and its time to unleash them to the world via Kickstarter. A few of our tags are back with upgraded graphics due to major upgrades with our equipment and software PLUS we have some exciting new tags we have been dying to create for some time. Our previous Kickstarter was our first Zombie Tag Kickstarter, and we received a heaps of messages and comments parsing us on our quality and how much they loved our tags! unfortunately we just can’t capture the look and feel of our tags with the photos we take so its not until you have them in your Zombie killing hands that you get the full effect.










Each tag come in your choice of colour,

1 - Sleek Silver with Blood splat.
2 - Covert Black with Bloody Splat.
3 - Zombie Green.
4 - Sleek Silver.
5 - Covert Black.
6 - Flash Eaters Pink.
7 - Biohazard Orange.
8 - Warning Red.

***NOTE*** Colours may vary from what you see due to monitor settings and photography.


Everybody loves a bonus, and we’re no different! That's why we’re giving you FREE bonus tags with your pledge! Yes we’re pretty excited about it too :)


We have added some extended goals with the first being very achievable (based on our last Kickstarter) and some extras just in case it gets pushed even further this time!


‘Are these made by laser?’ is a question we get asked a lot. Nope, we use a diamond tipped engraver which is pulled over the tag to create our images and text with exceptional detail and 'bling'.

When we first came up with the idea for making Zombie tags we looked at many different options, and although laser wins on speed and ease of creation, laser engraving only burns the top of the metal which wasn't the quality  or durability we were after. 

We wanted to create something that would blow people away, we wanted to create something we could be proud of! So we investigated Diamond drag engraving. Diamond drag doesn’t burn the surface, it drags a diamond over the metal, which carves into the metal and creates a long lasting, shiny, durable tag! Think about a diamond tipped pin deeply scratching and digging into the metal, with lines so close together it creates a smooth 3d image, THAT’S diamond drag engraving!!!

So the decision was made, we decided to make premium tags that can take up to 20 minutes each side to engrave, but look bloody fantastic!!! This was our concept, and our customers agree that they have never seen anything quite like them and they love them as much as we do!

At the end of the day, if you can't be proud of what you create, why bother?

Personalised ones? We won't say never but we don't have any plans yet! We WILL introduce these as non-personalised versions very soon with generic serial number and no name. BUT if you want your name on them & and unique serial number, you better get in and pledge quick. If your in a rush for your tags and are happy enough to have non-personalised tags, we will have a stock of these at the end of the kickstarter so please contact us for speedy delivery!

You probably did see us if you’ve been to some of Australia's hottest conventions! We make regular appearances in different Australian states for most conventions like Comiccon, Supanova and Armageddon.

........... And why don’t your sell the personalised tags at the conventions?

Unfortunately at the shows, we do not sell personalised tags and we do not take orders for them either. In fact, due to time necessary to engrave our tag, we run out of some designs early on. Due to the bulk orders we need, the only personalised sales we have made have been via Kickstarter. Our tags have a standard pricing at conventions, on our website, and on our occasional Kickstarter. The main difference with our Kickstarter is that you are having your tag created just for you and personalised with your name!

Here are some pics of us in action at conventions.


This Kickstarter we are introducing our new Blood Splat tags. This is a new concept by us where each tag get hand splatted’ prior to engraving. The Blood Splats are done by hand, and as such each one is unique. The tags are then baked to allow the enamel paint to harden. The splats aren’t as durable as the standard rock hard anodised coating, but over a year we have been working with different paint suppliers to find the toughest paint we can and testing different baking temperatures. If you treat the Blood Splat tags like jewellery, you should have long lasting splats. To optimise the life of your splats we recommend wearing them on the outside of clothing and keep them away from harsh chemicals. Splats can also be removed by using ‘graffiti type’ removal chemicals which will leave you with a regular anodised tag.

If you have any doubt about durability, the regular rock hard anodised tags are as tough as nails. The anodised coating is extremely tough and doesn’t wear off under normal use as it is anodised not painted. We have found the only way the coating is damaged is by actual physical damage to the tag.

Our USA made chains come in 2 flavors, Nickel Plated stainless steel (our most popular) and regular stainless steel. Although the difference is hard to spot under most lighting, the nickel plated chains have more sparkle! Both are rust proof and durable, and we only keep a stock of the stainless steel chains as occasionally we come across someone who has a nickel allergy. We will ask you what type of chain you want with each tag via the survey.

Our tests have shown no other differences between the 2 chains. As you can imagine we have found some truly unique uses for the chains on our day to day lives including them being left outside in the cold and rain for years but none have presented any issues. We pay a premium for USA made chains just like we do with the tags blanks, but of course that means things are made properly and are made to last!

Our biggest obstacle to overcome with personalised tags is the quantity needed to make it viable. Even though we make these ourselves, as much as we try, we cannot make it viable to engrave single personalised tags. We have worked out the minimum number necessary is approx 15 tags, but of course thats a lot to ask one individual to purchase!

Here’s where Kickstarter comes in. Using Kickstarter we are able to offer our fans the option to group together and achieve the minimum order we need to make this possible!

Thank you Kickstarter!!!

All these tags are real & the photos of them are real! We might make some slight layout changes before final production but we're talking minimal spacing changes. We've already done all the hard work in anticipation and we're just waiting for your support before we unleash them worldwide!

Australia is hugely expensive to ship from so postage is subsidised by us. Our Kickstarter international postage fee is less than what it costs to post, PLUS we need labels, envelopes, cardboard to keep it safe & packaging etc etc. Sadly we cannot offer tracking at this subsidised price as the postage price sky rockets, but if you need tracking, please talk to us and we will find out the exact extra charge for your location so you can add it to your pledge. Luckily, although expensive to post from, Australia post (inc international) is extremely reliable. Over the years we have also learned to post packages that fit into people post boxes, this has stopped any issues with lost mail due to being left by peoples door, or that need to be picked up from a post office.

Shipping will start at the end of September and finish in November. As these are individually made by us, we will post newly created tags every 3 days. Tags will be posted in the order people pledged, so first come first served!

We have allowed extra shipping time on this project so we can guarantee that tags are shipped on time. Some people will receive their tags in September, some later. We will message you when your tags have been posted so you know to expect them.


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