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Energy is the foundation of your life; You are in constant need of it and would never consider wasting it so wouldn’t it be nice if there was something to let you know how much energy you have used and how much remains?

Energpoint is a Electronic board that allows your smartphone to communicate with your vehicle’s energy source, giving you the opportunity monitor and control it at any time and from anywhere through a SMS system that delivers text messages to provide you all the information you need for peace of mind.

Energpoint is a new system to monitor and manage the energy of 12 and 24 volt batteries used on campers, trucks, boats, solar islands and more

Energpoint optimizes the use of the recharged batteries, increasing the performance and lengthening the time of usage of the four batteries that can be connected to the system. The batteries can be charged and interchanged with any of these four energy sources that include wind, solar, external chargers and alternate vehicles.


Energpoint will handle and manage all your energy in an automatic way to guarantee high performance like nothing you have seen before.

You can decide to use your Energpoint even in manual mode by sending SMS messages which can manage and recharge your energysources and batteries connected to the system. You can decide which batteries to use and, if necessary, disable the entire output of the electric charge using the 4G USIM DATA SMS forwarding and receiving to give you full autonomy of management and control from anywhere and anytime.

The 4G USIM reader, the GPS module and the power relays are well managed by microprocessors which ensure reliability, speed and stability for the system.

Using our app you have access to the source of the connected battery charges, the location, date of purchase, the power, name and costs as well as enable and disable each energy source and battery.

Energpoint is a monitoring system that will control and manage your energy as well as alert you automatically if there are any critical issues. In the system setting you can choose whether to be notified via push notification, SMS.

The microprocessor dedicated to the management of the system is able to optimize and each charge the batteries improving performance and durability as well as making your batteries last longer.

Energpoint also has an antenna to provide a stable and powerful signal to your USIM to increase your connectivity.

This way, you'll be able to closely and securely monitor your energy , communicating with your remote data to program and monitor the status of its functions wherever you are without having to run into unpleasant surprises.

Not yet satisfied? we have equipped Energpoint of a gold-plated circuitry to guarantee maximum performance and reliability

Using the built-in GPS Energpoint can tell you exactly where your vehicle is located and alert you if there are any unusual movements. If necessary the device can transform into a satellite alarm in an instant.

Your energy will be managed in an optimal way, ensuring high standard performance and real time notifications so your system is always properly operated. Using the app, you will be able to put it in manual mode using the microprocessors, using the energy as you see fit.

Our App will allow you to manage and monitor the status of your battery system and charging sources. It will allow you to enable or disable each battery, energy source and overall charge independently.

With one single click, you can control your Energpoint at any time and from anywhere. Energpoint allows you to manage the most diverse energy needs, never leaving you unprepared. The management system also allows for a unique power distribution that will extend the life of your batteries, improving performance.



You can decide from which sources the energy is received, which batteries to enable and disable, and if necessary disable the overall output of the electric charge.

With Energpoint you can see all the cataloged statistics of your batteries, charging sources,electricity consumption and efficiency. Using our database you can manage and monitor the stored residual energy so you are always prepared for a new day of work, or a family outing.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, your vehicle, your energy and your memories will always be with you, because Energpoint is all about reliability and security.

Energpoint is energy

Energpoint is the optimal solution for the management of batteries for campers, boat, truck, photovoltaic and for other application systems. Energpoint born dall'esisgenza of having to monitor their energy on the move to avoid unpleasant surprises ...... -Stay No current campers not having the possibility of other eternal energy -In The middle of the sea with the boat and not be able to start the boat's engine.

The system handles two batteries and two power sources and charging to optimize all batteries because they have the highest office and management. The system manages two energies of simultaneously charging so that no energy is lost.

All the energy is transmitted to the battery order to be able to better manage and accumulate as much available energy. The battery management to the exit for campers, boat, trucks, utilities etc ... will be managed by the system to be able to always get the most out of batteries without their being subjected to stress affecting performance. With Energpoint batteries will always run at their best in order to help increase yield and their lives.

The entire system is managed by the microprocessor mother of the system to optimize all the energy and power consumption giving so the user can always track all energies without incurring unwanted problems. Energpoint use your cell phone as a system warning to always have all the information when and where you are.

The system manages all the energy in three different modes with the ability to select them depending on usage:

Fast For a fast battery charging
Slow To a slow charging of the batteries
Auto For optimal charging handled better by the microprocessor
Energpoint is a Electronic board that allows your smartphone to communicate with your vehicle’s energy source, giving you the opportunity monitor and control it at any time and from anywhere through a SMS system that delivers text messages to provide you all the information you need for peace of mind.

With your phone you can set manually all your batteries and charging sources with multiple combinations according to your needs without having to manually ingegnarvi with cables and various equipment to edit your sources and batteries. Enewrgpoint also give you notice, through the 'APPLICATION, state LIFE remainder of your energy left viewing the current consumption.

All information will be sent to the APP management through SMS and receipt of information that the system will give you and you will want to ask. Energpoint also will send status messages and error messages that may be arising from your battery and your charging sources so tenrvi always informed about the global status of your energy and give you the opportunity to interact with the system to be able to view and resolve problems conveniently anywhere you are.

Energpoint also within his present system has a GPS to always monitor the position of the vehicle, boat or where it has been assembled. This function is activated via SMS for conoscerfe the position or can be set to cycle mode to learn the position at user-set timeframe. Energpoin turns into a real satellite alarm system informing you step by step where you and 'moved by sending the coordinates that can be used through your phone's browser, in order to recover what you've been robbed.

Risks and challenges

Our product is already in the industrialization process, the risk for the user does not exist. After almost 2 years of work, costs and testing we are ready to launch the product in the US and Europe. In this campaign you can have ENERGPOINT faster and at a lower price. We believe in our product and in our professionalism.



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