Endo Planet Platformer
Endo Planet Platformer

Endo Planet is a sci-fi platformer. Its spans across three distinctly different areas of a  wrecked colonial ship. You play as Nigel, a Mogomo,a genetically engineered creature that can withstand the rigors of deep space travel. You awaken from cryo sleep not at the mining colony but withing your wrecked ship. The ship is in chaos, now it appears old and broken down. What happened to the ship? Now you adventure through massive spacecraft infested with deadly security bots and strange blobs.

For PC for sure and hopefully many other platforms.

Here is the 2nd gameplay video of another area:




Single player platformer


Game features

Detailed world to explore

Dynamic inventory system

Fun Puzzles

weapons to find.


A Vehicle with even more weapons (maybe a 2nd vehicle)

Atleast Five Enemies types.

Interactive NPCs

Detailed story

Here are some new screen shots of the 2nd area:

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