Mermaid Attraction
Mermaid Attraction

Aloha! My name is Kerrie Ike and I live on the North Shore of Oahu.  I began my venture in the mermaid business by buying crochet mermaid and hula outfits for babies with the hopes of reselling them.  I got my start when the owner of a local children's boutique purchased two mermaid outfits.  I debuted my business as "Magical Mermaids" at a baby expo in May, 2015.  It was a lot of fun and turned out to be a big hit!  It was there that I met an amazing photographer who graciously offered to take the photos for my website.  :-)  

As I progressed with my business, I reflected on what I could do to improve the quality of my products and began my own designs.  I learned how to build a website and began selling my products online.  Shop owners began referring me to their friends, and I was able to continue wholesaling.  

Due to potential trademark concerns if I was ever to sell swimmable mermaid fins, I changed the name to Magical Mermaids Hawaii for a short time.  After further research into trademark legalities, I changed my name for (what I hope will be the final time) to Mermajesty and applied for trademark.  Currently, my products are in 7 stores.  I am also a reseller for Fin Fun which has been popular for kids and adults alike!  With expansion in mind, I purchased a vinyl cutter and heatpress and began designing customized tee shirts.  I will be launching on Zulily next month. Fingers crossed for more amazing opportunities. :-)

I am excited to say that I will be the exclusive mermaid vendor at the upcoming Hawaii Ohana Marketplace scheduled to open in early 2017 in Kapolei.  I'd like to create a unique experience including a hair and make up station and photo booth.  I have been networking with several other businesses to make this happen, and I believe the potential for success to be incredible.  Most of all, I believe in the fun and magic of creating a memorable experience at relatable pricing for locals and tourists alike. Here is my vision:

I'd like to create an environment where guests can experience Aloha and walk away feeling energized and inspired.  I would like to have the best possible collection of mermaid items and related services.  There are several elements that I aim to pull together to create the big picture.  

Retail - Signature crochet mermaid and hula items, swimmable mermaid tails, jeweled mermaid tops, shirts, hats and jewelery. Textiles including nursery sets and comforters. Blacklight section - Shells, under the sea accessories. 

Mermajesty Salon - The set up will include a vanity with a mermaid-inspired throne and offer mermaid makeovers (hair and make up), eyelashes, colored clip in extensions, natural hair products, hair styling tools, etc.  

Magical Photo Booth - Photo booth will be filled with props including a large clam shell, Holiday card backdrop, and rotating tropical themes.  I believe that this will be popular among tourists as they can leave with a memorable souvenier photos.

Mermaid Lagoon Cafe - Menu items will include specialty beverages served in souvenier cups, and a mermaid/under the sea themed menu..  I plan to serve food on plates that will also be available for purchase.  I'd like to decorate the cafe area with mermaid-related paintings from artists around the world and have beautiful mermaid-inspired furniture. I'd also like to have an old fashioned juke box.  How fun would that be!

Mermaid Putt Putt - Rooftop. This was a suggestion from one of the partners in the marketplace.  

I definitely need the funds to make this happen, so I will be offering some really fun packages for those who donate.

$25 - Mermaid tee shirt - can be customized

$34 - Infant mermaid or hula crochet outfit

$50 Mermaid Hoodie - personalized or personalized brick at Hawaii Ohana Marketplace

$75 - Customizable canvas art and tee shirt

$100 - Personalized Glow in the Dark brick at the Hawaii Ohana Marketplace

$150 - Fin Fun Mermaid Tail and monofin, tee shirt

$200 - Mermaid party for up to 10 people with tail rentals and snacks

$300 - Fully catered mermaid party for up to 10 people with hair/make up and photo booth

$500 - Admission to a mermaid/pirate party at "Lost" Cabins. 

$750 - Weekend at "Lost" Cabins including party.

$1,000 and up - Customized packages.

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