Empowerment within a Water Bottle
Empowerment within a Water Bottle

This project has already launched.

Safety is about being prepared, and people are NOT prepared. Even if someone had pepper spray, a whistle, a taser or a gun, they sometimes leave it behind or buried deep in a purse. In order to help people, I knew I needed to make something easy to use and even easier to access. We wanted to build a security system for people in all situations. We know each person is different. Some people love to hike, some love to travel alone and others have to walk home at night. We wanted the opportunity to help people feel safe and empowered, which is why we named our security system, the Empowerment Bottle.

The Empowerment Bottle is a security team strategically stored inside a water bottle, it is both a water bottle and a safety system. From the bottom compartment with a pepper spray, to the reinforced plastic end, to the whistle and mirror on the top, we built a bottle that fits the safety needs for people in all situations.

If you are a student who gets anxious walking alone, you need the Empowerment Bottle. You’ll feel empowered knowing the easy-to-use, water-tight, snap-off base at the bottom of the water bottle holds a bottle of pepper spray to ward off attackers. If you are hiking and get lost, you can use the whistle built into the cap that pops up with a push. We also included a compass in case you get lost and need to find your way and a mirror you can use to signal or to have a rear view. If you are stuck in a car, you can use the reinforced bottle’s end to break open the window and crawl to freedom. The bottle has a bright strip of reflective tape to ensure you are visible if walking along the street or sidewalk at night .

We designed the Empowerment Bottle to be safe and to keep you safe. Other safety water bottles on the market require you to engage attackers. To know more about Empowerment Bottle, visit http://bit.ly/2b0ugHp

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