Empowering Youth Through Technology
Empowering Youth Through Technology

This project has already launched.

Short Summary

Hey guys!  Adam Wood, here - CEO and Founder of My Visible Company, LLC.   We are a Web Design, Marketing, and Technology firm based in a small Midwestern town.  
I've spent over a decade of my life working in the marketing and web development fields.  One of the things that you notice, is that the tech world is one of the biggest, and exciting fields out there.  One of the things that is hard to swallow, is that unless kids are brought up in a highly populated area, or are lucky enough to have the resources available to be connected to these technologies, it's sometimes just out of their reach to get real experience and to join this exciting path that they could be taking.  
My goal, with this new company that I founded this year, is to bring those experiences and opportunities to kids in smaller areas that might not otherwise have the resources that youth in larger cities do.  We want to show them that website, marketing, and tech work is exciting, and it can change the world.  
There is nothing better than bringing out a fire in someone and getting them to believe in themselves in order to move mountains.  With your help, we can bring these opportunities to small towns in Central Illinois and all over the country.  

What We Need & What You Get

We need up to $150,000 to allow this project to really make an impact.  Any amount up to that point is very helpful, but the more resources that we have, the more opportunities we can help create and the seeds can be sown for brighter futures. 
The money will be used to expand our base operations from a home office, to a commercial location, and allow us to set up programs that bridge the gap for someone who may not have any experience in these fields.  We plan to make real working programs that these kids can be involved in that will help them grow, and have real involvement in the bigger picture of what My Visible Company is doing.    
What you get: 
The most rewarding thing you'll get is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people.  Bringing more people up to the plate that could develop into the next iPhone creater, cure a disease, or the next Mark Zuckerburg.  
If you donate: $250 we will design a company logo for you with 4 design concepts to choose from. 
If you donate: $500 we will design a company logo for you with 8 design concepts to choose from.  
If you donate $1,500 or more we'll help you by designing a website for your company with 4 design concepts to choose from.  
If you donate $50,000 or more you'll get a logo, a website, and a percentage of company profits.     

The Impact

The impact is potentially monumental.  By allowing more lives to be changed, more people to believe in themselves, and empowering them with skills that can legitimately make a difference, we can change the world.  

Risks & Challenges

The biggest risk is if we do nothing.  Living blindly, building something successful, while there are people all over the world who have no access to a brighter future, is not something we believe in.  So we have to get out there and move.  
Our biggest challenge comes with growing this project so that it can have a larger impact throughout the country (and potentially the world).  But, with your resources and help, I believe we can make a huge difference.  We'll start small and watch it grow.  

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't help financially, we understand!  Not everyone is in that position. The simplest and cheapest way for you to help is share this cause. Help us get the word out and connect us with people that you know that might be able to help make this a reality. 
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