Empowering All Women Through the Ancient Art of Belly Dance
Empowering All Women Through the Ancient Art of Belly Dance

This project has already launched.

Belly Dance is a beautiful way to empower women, help meet fitness goals with a fun workout, strengthen and tone the core, feel amazing and be a part of an incredibly supportive and encouraging community! Belly Dance is all inclusive since it is good for the body and actually heals the joints while dancing. Come be a part of something ancient, good for your mind and body, and a dance that makes you feel gorgeous! 

After I fell in love with belly dance as a little girl and gave impromptu performances for my family complete with homemade costumes and zills,  I made it my mission to share my passion for belly dance with other women to help them feel as empowered as I feel expressing my unique self. 

When in college and taking lessons to further my knowledge of this beautiful ancient dance, I began training to be professional. I soon after started teaching classes that creatively combined my love of all world rhythms, my Western dance knowledge and my adoration of belly dance. I began to structure my classes to be a creative modern fusion of the ancient techniques of belly dance in a fun dance fitness format. My students responded with great enthusiasm! 

It was only after a year of teaching the same group of women did they share how their lives were transformed from my classes. One woman felt old as she was approaching a milestone birthday and longed to feel beautiful and did, another felt she needed to be perfect and gained freedom through belly dance, and another was recently recovering from a hip replacement and in her 60s and was able to dance! They shared with me how my classes motivated and empowered them and made them feel the most beautiful they had ever felt in their lives once exposed to belly dance in my classes. 

 As a woman growing up with abuse, I quickly realized how important this personal power was for me and my life. After seeing the success of my classes and how they helped women gain their own personal power, it became my mission to help all women find their voice through the expression of belly dance. This is a needed element for women worldwide. Through teaching something feminine, yet offering an all inclusive and supportive environment to express one’s unique self, and to introduce and instruct an important historical practice for women that is also good for their bodies, I am able to help empower women! 

My classes have been creatively designed for a fun workout, both cardio and toning the core (which makes you feel powerful), getting the endorphins pumping, and learning the techniques of belly dance with a broad world fusion of music. I currently teach Belly Cardio, Belly Dance Technique, Belly Drills, Barre, and Dance Fitness in Philadelphia and am working on extending both my professional performances for exposure to a worldwide audience to my classes and style of fun, empowering belly dance as well as adding classes to my curriculum, such as Restorative Belly Dance for retired and more sedentary women and Belly Dance Introduction for Pregnant Women to name a few. 

 I have been recently working very hard to establish and grow my business with a mentor, focusing on goals. Since the partnership, the studio has grown by efficiently adding classes as per request of my students, had the ability to add private classes in a small intimate home studio, and gained five new committed students who recognize the amazing benefits of this dance and exercise. 

I am also the founder, director and choreographer for the belly dance troupe, the well-known Shimmies, who are popular in the Philadelphia area and who have been seen on Channel 29 Good Morning Today show and in many concerts and festivals. It is my goal to help "my girls" to travel more to bring the amazing spirit of community in belly dance to women around the United States and then eventually, globally.

 I also produce a show called Sabroso! featuring a multi-genre dance and music cast bi-monthly to showcase different talents within the Philadelphia area to broaden exposure to my own business as well as helping other dancers and musicians do the same thus broadening the performing arts community. 

 My goal for this project is to reach more women by the end of a 6-month period to help them uncover their own beauty and power with belly dance, both locally and globally. These funds will supply obtaining my official LLC, licensure regulated through Pennsylvania, insurance, purchase items appropriate for classes for a better class experience, further marketing approaches to broaden the exposure to my classes to reach as many women as I can, and travel for performances as a solo artist as well as with the Shimmies in order to teach these empowering classes to women worldwide, cover small travel costs to teach in other locales, and rent spaces in which to teach my already developed client base alongside the incoming growth in Philadelphia and beyond.

 It is my mission with dedication and passion to continue to grow this important business to help empower all women all around the world through dance! Come join us by becoming a student and support those who are transforming their lives with belly dance!

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