Empire Evolution, Inc - Project Renovation
Empire Evolution, Inc - Project Renovation

This project has already launched.

About this project

Welcome to the new home of Empire Evolution Incoporated! 

We are recording a studio and media company based out of Columbus, Ohio. Providing quality services since 2011, and thanks to our clients and community, we have grown and acquired our very own facility. Owned and operated by passionate artists, we take pride in the services we offer, and can't wait to expand ... but this is where we need your help. 

 The facility is an older building that is in need of many updates and renovations. Located in the Empowerment Zone, we chose this location specifically to service the members of our community who live and work in this and the surrounding area. 

 It may not look like much now, but when we walk through this empty building we see our clients creating, building, and networking to create a culture that is much needed in our community. We want to continue to provide quality services, but with some enhancements. 

This will be the future home of workshops, education, networking, business incubation, community service, and more! There may be other schools and institutions that offer education in the arts and media fields, but our facility will offer these services at little to no cost as a service, to give back to our community. 

 Empire Evolution will offer workshops for basic life skills, business skills, music and media production, art and dance, and more! We will have a community garden and kitchen where we will host a number of community events ... and we envision people creating, singing, dancing, and breaking bread together! 

 That is our goal. To invest back into the community that has already invested in us! To not only offer quality services but to give back and be a staple item within our community, that made us who we are! 

 We are asking for your help! Whether in the form of monetary donations and investments, or donating of supplies, materials, and equipment to help us reach our goal! 

For more details visit EmpireEvolution.com 

Empire Evolution ... Evolve with us!

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