eMinnow robotic fishing lure
eMinnow robotic fishing lure

This project has already launched.

eMinnow robotic motorized fishing lures.

eMinnow robotic motorized lures a worlds first and look and behave just like real bait fish, and even give off a fish attracting harmonic at the same time, they catch more fish too.

Two years of extensive testing has proven eMinnow to be highly effective.

eMinnow lures are perfectly balanced and designed to attract predator fish not only by the realistic swimming action but also by the vibration and harmonic frequency of the constantly moving motor. Game fish like, Bass, Pike, Muskie, Trout, Walleye, Perch, Crappie, even Salmon simply can’t resist eMinnow. eMinnow automatically starts as soon as it hits the water and stops when its taken out of the water.


Realistic Movement: The motor operates the shaft at the back of the fish, which animates the tail and gives a lifelike movement that propels the lure though the water like a real fish. The tail moves in a pre-programmed irregular manner to reproduce swimming behavior of a real bait fish.

In fact we studied the movement of many different species of bait fish and tested over 50 sequences before settling on the final programming.

Using eMinnow is very easy.    

You simply attach it to your line instead of a regular lure or bait.  As soon as the eMinnow hits the water, it begins to SWIM and make a unique clicking sound that catches the attention of the target fish.

The Science behind eMinnow & How It Works To Attract Predator Fish. 

The main body of the eMinnow lure “the core” contains a removable waterproof battery compartment, a PCB micro controller (printed circuit board) and a micro electromagnetic motor designed specifically for eMinnow. Everything is designed from scratch for optimum performance, nothing is "off the shelf". eMinnow is fast, efficient and is built to withstand all the hard knocks a big predator fish can throw at it! The harmonics generated within the “core” attract the curiosity of predator fish in the area before they can even see eMinnow.  

Sound Attraction: 

The electromagnetic motor also emits a clicking sound (harmonic frequency) which, in our extensive tests has proven to be devastatingly effective for catching predator fish. eMinnow is pre-programmed to automatically start the moment it hits the water, and stop within a few seconds of leaving the water. So as long as it is in the water eMinnow will swim and attract fish.

The battery compartment is easily accessed using a flat head screwdriver or even a coin to unscrew the compartment. The silicon seal keeps it completely watertight, so as long as the compartment is screwed back in place properly, the waterproof integrity of eMinnow will remain at 100%. 

 How Many Styles Of eMinnow?

That's a good question, I'm pleased you asked! Currently there are 3 types of eMinnow ready for production, with 3 other styles at the pre-production stage.

What colors are available?

Currently we have 6 mainstream colors planned, these are the colors that have worked best for us in our testing.

KickStarter campain link: http://bit.ly/2pwBTO8

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