Emerging From The Dark
Emerging From The Dark

I am currently writing a book about how a woman who continues to overcome the abusive life she was born into.  From early childhood on through adulthood, abuse colored her choices, her thoughts, her actions. 

Everyday is still a struggle to keep those demons at bay.  

Excerpt of rough draft:   My earliest memory is not of mommy hugs, playing, or anything remotely considered “happy”. My very first memory is of oral sex. I was 3 years old. My brother was 8 years old. My mom and dad went out to dinner and left us home alone. I was in my nightgown lying on the couch. My brother sat down next to me and told me he wanted to try something with me. He told me it should feel good and to not be afraid. I remember feeling his hot breath on my small little private area. I remember scrunching my eyes closed in confusion. I remember it feeling good, feeling wrong and then feeling like I had to pee. Which I did; in my brother’s mouth. He jumped up running quickly into the bathroom. Yelling at me as he spit into the sink.  I don’t remember anything after that, so I’m not sure how that night ended. I do know it was the beginning of a life of pain, torture, betrayal, and tragedy for me.

There are many stories written about childhood abuse.  There are a plethora of self-help books written.  My hope is to reach at least one person out there who needs the help or encouragement; to know things will get better, but only if you do something.   My desire is to reach those who tend to stand on the sidelines and ignore the child silently screaming for help.  Don't ignore the warning signs!  

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