E=MC3: Animated Short on Einstein's Perpetual Motion Fridge
E=MC3: Animated Short on Einstein's Perpetual Motion Fridge

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Albert Einstein creates a perpetual motion refrigerator that brings peace to the Middle East in this surrealist dreamscape from renowned artist, Victor Stabin. Stabin and award-winning animator Ben Arthur are currently in production of the animated short which masterfully combines fantastic imagery, tongue-in-cheek storytelling, and vocabulary learning; using the backdrop of public radio. 


E=MC3, the follow-up to Stabin’s award-winning animation, The Bonito is Finito, takes the viewer into an alternative universe filled with gorgeously rendered, anthropomorphized characters in out-of-this-world settings. This tale had its genesis in the strange but true story of Einstein’s work on a highly efficient refrigerator in Berlin circa 1920's. This remarkable story fused with Stabin's long-running love affair with public radio and stunning imagination to produce a historical fiction that unfolds through an NPR-style radio interview. 


For these character’s voices, Stabin reached out to some of his favorite public radio hosts; who better to play public radio hosts. To his surprise and delight, quite a few were willing to lend their voices to the project. The star-studded cast includes Brooke GladstoneLucy KellawayLeonard Lopate, and Andy Lanset are all featured in The Bonito is Finito with Dave DaviesRichard Hake, Andy Lanset, andJami Floyd already signed on for E=MC3.



Independent film festival-winning animated short, The Bonito is Finito, is a timely, true, Cautionary Tale, about a half mackerel - half oak tree mutant named Bibo, the Bifoliated Bonito. A circle of life, end times fable, about a happy hermaphrodite, living in a pharmaceutical-laced Michigan lake. Featuring the voices of radio personalities Lucy KellawayLeonard LopateBrooke Gladstone, and Andy Lanset.


Victor Stabin is a Brooklyn-born artist, "eco-surrealist" painter, author and illustrator. In his early career, Stabin worked for numerous different publications including Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Magazine and Rolling Stone as well as designing book covers for publishers Penguin Books, Random House, and others. Some of his most well-known work as an illustrator includes painting nine stamps for the United States Postal Service, the cover for the KISS album Unmasked, and a mural for RCA/BMG’s headquarters.

Since leaving illustration, Stabin has created a suite of eco-surrealistic paintings and his ABC Book for the Ages, Daedal Doodle. The latter of which he has developed into a curriculum and teaching tool used in several schools across the northeast, an endeavor sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. An educational spin-off effort from this book, Daedal Doodle: Word Lover's Flashcards, was successfully funded by Kickstarter in 2014.  

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Benjamin Arthur is an award-winning animator based in San Francisco. He gained modest acclaim for his animation, Once Upon a Time in the Woods, which has been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube and won awards at numerous film contests around the world as well as CurrentTV. Arthur has since worked with various institutions, like Stanford University and Freakonomics, as well as animating the popular Why Can't We Walk Straight? and The Billion Bug Highway animations for RadioLab's Robert Krulwich, one of which earned the pair a Multimedia Innovation award from the White House News Photographers Association's 2011. 

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