emble is a web app that allows users to plan amazing events with their friends. 

We came up with the concept for emble following the realisation that getting friends to agree on dates and ideas for parties and holidays was a pretty nightmarish task, and the applications currently on the market did little to make the process easier.

emble has two distinct stages - in the 'Plan' stage, users can invite their friends to help them plan their event, suggesting and voting on what to do and when to do it. This is followed by a 'Run' stage, where guests are invited, RSVPs are managed, and payments are collected if the user needs their friends to contribute. No one likes asking their friends for money, and emble does away with the need to. Our aim is to take the headache our of planning get-togethers so our users can have more fun with their friends.

The app is (and will always be) free to use if users don't need to collect money. If they decide to run a paid event, guests will pay a small fee on top of the amount the organiser needs to collect. This fee is transparent and the cost is lower than competitors.

Private beta coming June 2014 - sign up now for exclusive early access.





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