Elvatron Chronicles Volume 1
Elvatron Chronicles Volume 1

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Created/Written/Illustrated by Andy Bohn

Elvatron Chronicles is a fantasy-adventure series that follows the adventures of Elvatron, an upcoming Knight in the White Knights of Betor that is trying to stand ground against an enemy that has not been seen for centuries. However, Elvatron is not alone in the fight for the world as his friends, Zeph, Animus, and others take up arms and stand beside him to stop the darkness on the horizon threatening their way of life.

The History of Arsaria

Centuries ago, people with the ability to wield the magic of gods appeared and began their reign of tyranny with the enslavement of those that could not use magic themselves. That is, until the chosen warriors answered the cried of the people and rose up to fight against the mages in what became known as the Mage War.

When the tyranny of mages was finally put to an end, the heroes chosen by the gods faded into legend. Now, the cycle has been reset and rumors of mages returning to the world are spreading across Arsaria like wild fire. If they are true, will the heroes also return or will new heroes be chosen to stand and prevent a repeat of the bloody history the land has.

Be there when the history is made as a long forgotten enemy step foot in the world once more to take back what they believe is rightfully theirs.


What's this Kickstarter for?

Elvatron Chronicles: Volume ONE is fully written and illustrated by Andy Bohn. Elvatron Chronicles is rated PG-13 for occasional language, violence and themes.

This is my first Kickstarter project, but I am no stranger to the Kickstarter world as I've had the pleasure of being part of kick started projects such as Unite and Take Over (stories inspired by the songs of the Smiths) as well as support projects. Now is the time that I launch my own project!

How can you help?

Elvatron Chronicles Volume ONE has been a long time coming and the time is here for it to become a reality. You can back Elvatron Chronicles at any of the levels for the project, and let your local comic shop know that there is a new series that they get for their stores as well! You can help us immensely by sharing it everywhere! Sharing by both social media and by word-of-mouth can make all the difference! With Kickstarter, I can print the individual issues in a collected trade paperback and get it to fans old and new alike!

Issue #0 art comparison; 2010 (Left) - 2016 (Right)


Elvatron Chronicles Volume ONE will contain pages from the start of the series in 2010 to issue 5 in 2013 in all its originality, without being re-drawn to today's level to show the progression that a creator makes throughout their journey and story telling.

Andy Bohn was created and tempered in the furnace of Phoenix, Arizona and has been working on the Elvatron Chronicles series since 2010 with many various projects sprinkled in between such as other comic projects and sketch card sets and will continue to create stories well beyond time itself.

Elvatron Chronicles only continues to exist because of the support of its readers!. When you support the comic you become a direct patron of a independent story delivered ad-free and unfiltered to your eyes, creator to reader, without any middlemen in-between. I hope you'll consider making a purchase. If you have any questions about the rewards, feel free to comment here or email me at ElvatronChronicles@gmail.com


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