Elite Sweets Protein Donut
Elite Sweets Protein Donut

This project has already launched.

Elite Sweets is on a mission to change the world. Our goal is to redefine the way people think and eat sweets. We are providing the world with a low cal, low sugar, high protein alternative to traditional fatty sweets.

Our Elite Team is driven with highly motivated collegiate and professional athletes looking to impact our community and beyond. Our debut product is our Elite Donut. We are going to continue to expand in to all sweets such as cookies, brownies, cakes, cheesecakes, etc.

Growing up my family has been affected with diabetes and celiac disease, which dramatically decreased our choices of sweets, which ironically is our favorite. By taking my family history into account and those of others, we have decided to formulate our favorite sweets. By doing so we want to give each and every person the equal ability to indulge into their favorite sweets despite predisposed medical conditions.

Elite Sweets, is more than a product but a service. Our motto is Achieve Elite! By this, we mean we want everyone to strive for more, and always strive to reach their full potential in whatever it is they decide to do.

 Our goal as we move forward is to establish youth camps/clinics in our local communities and nationally to help kids get active and build familial bonds that will last a lifetime. We encourage every one to seek their inner athlete and commit to a healthier lifestyle change.

With the funds, we look to use them for marketing, distribution, product development, packaging, and apparel. Our immediate use of the money would be to get in to a commissary kitchen to mass produce the donuts, to give us the opportunity to scale quickly. Additionally, we plan to improve our product with natural preservatives so we can work on shipping domestically. Lastly, we plan to improve our packaging with a new modern design, and allocate the rest of the fund for marketing purposes. 

Risks and challenges

As of right now, a major problem for us is that we do not have natural preservatives, therefore we are not able to fulfill out of state order, or orders out of our delivery region. Additionally, we are having trouble scaling because we do not have the funds to operate within a commissary kitchen.

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