Elena & Jana's Big Adventure - The Lacy Nook
Elena & Jana's Big Adventure - The Lacy Nook

About this project

Elena and Jana's Big Adventure - The Lacy Nook, Neighbourhood Kitchen & Bar, Hackney

A Little Summary

Jana and Elena have known each other for a long time, their natural outlook on the world is to be happy and celebrate life in all aspects.

Elena was working in multimedia for around 8 years, she worked on everything from web design, e-marketing, production managing and was also travelling the world filming various events. Having dabbled in as many creative areas as possible, Elena left work and spent a year trying to realise what she really wanted for herself.

Jana's job took her all over the world as well, but there wasn't really a start or finish time for her role as a aviation charter broker. As exciting as it was, she felt that after a decade of non-stop work her body needed a change of pace. When she finally left her job things seemed to fall into place once she got talking to Elena about what they were going to do.

It wasn't until 2 years ago that they decided to become their own bosses and were motivated to open a restaurant together, called The Lacy Nook. They were very much influenced by the experiences from their travels, and were keen to share this with everyone back in London. Their aim is to have The Lacy Nook open in time for summer for people to enjoy their tantalising food and spacious beer garden.

Our Story

We’ve travelled all over the world for work, from America, Indonesia, Thailand, Europe.. and we’ve experienced so many new things, we were always asking ourselves how we could bring a piece of these experiences back to London? That's when we had the lightbulb idea...we both realised we always wanted to open up our own restaurant. Our place is going to be the neighbourhood kitchen and bar, it will be a creative space for the community, where people can hang out in a refreshing environment, enjoy our tasty menu throughout the day and celebrate life.

We’ve both lived in Stoke Newington for the last 10 years, and the area feels like home. We love our food and every week we are out with friends dining in new places, opening our palates’ to new horizons! Stokey is thriving with independent businesses making it the obvious choice for us to set up base here and keep the area chain free.

Our Food

Our dishes will be quite modern but with The Lacy Nook twist to them! Our chef is focusing on seasonal food, catered for everybody’s taste. We particularly wanted to make sure nobody feels neglected, so there will be plenty of choices for vegans, vegetarians, the healthy eaters out there, and also meat lovers alike.

We want to also offer people something better than a HAPPY HOUR! One day of the week, we’ll be offering FREE tasters of our creative food when you buy a drink. Everybody loves a good freebie, especially if it comes perfectly matched with your drink!

Our Location

There are few places in London that offer the zest, charm and charisma of Stoke Newington. We are located on Cazenove Road, and we want to put it on the map for everyone to come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings all year round. We are well connected with Stoke Newington station a stones throw away and a multitude of buses which leaves you steps away from the premises.

The Experience

Whether it is dining at a table with family, having a relaxing coffee in the lounge area by the fireplace, or sipping a delicious cocktail (or two!) by the bar with friends, The Lacy Nook will cater to everybody. Once you step into our trendy setting you won't want to leave!

However, the best part to follow is our "Secret Beer Garden." You don’t find too many places around London with a such an abundance in outdoor space. Our idea is to create a mini oasis, an ever-green space to keep you happy throughout the year. We’ll be growing our own herbs on the walls, so customers can feel free to spice up their food to their taste.

The garden has a capacity of 40+ seats, it is sun-facing and well protected from the elements to keep you warm and dry.

Where does Kickstarter come in?

We have exhausted all of our money and savings, and now we are turning to you, to ask for your kind support and love. We are pledging for £20,000 to get the Lacy Nook up and running for this summer to make sure we're 100% ready to give you the experience we think you deserve. No donation is too small to keep us going so we can share this amazing space with you and all the Londoners who will make their way down to Stokey.

Thank you's

We worked really hard to get this place to the standard it deserves. We definitely now appreciate and respect building work much more. We haven’t had a day off since November 2015 and have kept costs down by doing alot of the work ourselves and also having a massive help from friends and family. We could not have done it without them. They will all be featured on our special “Wall of Fame”. We love you!

Thank you very much in advance from the bottom of our hearts for your kind support with this project and please do follow us on Twitter (@TheLacyNook), Facebook (/TheLacyNook) and Instagram (@TheLacyNook) for the latest updates.

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