Electric car Lokomotiv
Electric car Lokomotiv

This project has already launched.

Electric Locomotive is an innovative project, it has the development of the 21st century, its unit allows to increase the power reserve three times (in comparison with today's analogs). Electric Locomotive was developed as a multifunctional vehicle, it will take the children to school and the refrigerator from the store will take home. Transformation of the body allows unsealing the trunk to place purchases from the supermarket in the trunk and they will not crumble all around the trunk.
Electric Locomotive has a colossal advantage over competitors. If competitors can not be charged during the ride (only at the moment of braking), then the electric locomotive has an assembly that during the ride not only consumes, but thanks to the auxiliary nodes, it has the ability to charge the battery (gasoline is refueled tank). There are also bundles, where a solar panel is installed on the roof (you do not need to hide in the shade).
Electric Locomotive does not have the diseases of traditional cars, such as corrosion, it is made of fiberglass and corrosion is not terrible. The frame of an electric car The locomotive has a tubular base (rally technology), which makes the locomotive more durable than steel sheet counterparts.
Electric Locomotive is an environmentally friendly product that will make our planet cleaner and its reliability will improve life even for our grandchildren.

And all this for 12 000 dollars !!!

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