"El Sueño Americano" Feature Film

This project has already launched.

Mexican American Cinema

I feel that many films made by Hispanic filmmakers follow a certain cliche of cinema by either ignoring the culture or emphasizing on cultures that are no longer popular cultures. They mostly focus on how things used to be like, like with the cholo culture, or typical latin culture which are no longer practiced or popular beliefs and practices. There's nothing  wrong with celebrating them but never seeing the new cultures in cinema gets boring and tiring. which is why I want to be the one who brings you to this world that you may not know about.

Perfect Timing

 The time is perfect for this film, as this film will explore the life of a Mexican Immigrant. 

I have recently noticed that many racial and social issues have risen because of Donald Trump. One issue I feel has been outcasted to the side is the issue of mexican immigrants coming through the border, and by this I don't mean "The wall" issue that has gotten the medias attention, but the injustices and troubles Mexican and latin immigrants are facing today and that they keep facing no matter the president. 


Some links to test footage.

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