El Obsequio - Award winning bottled cocktail & craft perfume
El Obsequio - Award winning bottled cocktail & craft perfume

This project has already launched.

This journey started when António found an old bottle of Cologne created by the Bacardi family in 1888. This bottle is part of the Curfew Cocktail Bar collection - António's workplace. Upon asking Humberto - his mentor and owner of curfew - what it was all about, he found out the amazing story behind "El Obsequio".

He learned that this bottle was created by the Bacardi family more than a century ago, as a gift of appreciation and gratitude for all the people who believed the Bacardi project from the very begging. Humberto was told by the salesman of the bottle that the cologne it once contained had mimosa flowers. And thus started António's mission to replicate this cologne for the modern era - bringing Bacardi's Gift (English for "Obsequio") to cocktail lovers all around the world

From the very beginning, António sought to replicate the original aroma by using the same, original botanicals used in the 1888 bottle. Once he became the winner for Denmark in the Bacardi Legacy Northern European finals, the journey for the El Obsequio bottled cocktail and El Obsequio perfume started.

The mission is to replicate this gesture the Bacardi family had and offer 30 of this "gifts" to renowned people in the spirits industry that are, nowadays, firm allies and believers in the Bacardi cause. For the perfume production, António partnered with Nortempresa, a pioneer company in the production of fine fragrances and scent marketing.

Since a lot of added costs were encountered in the project development - such as scent development, bottle packaging development, labeling, and ordering all the raw material for it - we decided we would need to ask for help from the bar community as well as perfume aficionados in order to help this project to become a reality and make this bottled cocktail and perfume reach the four corners of the Earth!

And that is why we come to Kickstarter. We need your help to fund this visionary concept. Bacardi will have a new gift for you in this 21st century, brought to you by António Saldanha Oliveira - the gift of a high end, rich experience that transcends traditional limits and boundaries - and that does not hold back until it delights all of your senses at once.

The crowdfunding will start at the end of April and will last until the Bacardi legacy World finals - being held on May the 23rd, in Berlin. If you want to get to know more about this project and help it to be a reality follow the website and Kickstarter campaign.

Risks and challenges

For this project the El Obsequio research and development team needed to come with a set of products that would respect the Bacardi family and company legacy, would follow the lines, statement, mission and values shared by Bacardi family that were the creators of the inspiration for our project, the original "El Obsequio del Bacardi" perfume bottle from 1888. 
One of the biggest challenges was António making it to the Bacardi Legacy World finals when he won his place in the Bacardi Legacy Northern European finals proudly representing Denmark and opening the doors for this project to become a reality.

Another challenge was finding the best and most competent partner for this project, as well a partner that would believe in the project and be as excited by it as Antonio was coming with the idea to replicate the El Obsequio perfume and bottle the El Obsequio legacy cocktail. 
After a long research for perfumers, botanists and perfume producers in Denmark, Italy, Spain and Portugal he finally found NORTEMPRESA Perfume Lab. 
NORTEMPRESA is based in Braga, Portugal, Antonio´s hometown, and happened to resemble the same pattern as the original "El Obsequio del Bacardi" once this bottle was created and produced at Facundo Bacardi hometown near Barcelona, Spain.

Though Daniel and Luís, this partnership was found and consumed and then the development of the fragrance got in line following and respecting all the known original perfume ingredients as well as adding the same botanicals for the perfume as the same ingredients used in the El Obsequio legacy cocktail.

Fun fact, Luís used to be Antonio´s economics & marketing teacher and there´s where this relationship was born and the whole base of trust and connection between Antonio representing the "El Obsequio" project and NORTEMPRESA, Daniel and Luís.

Some of the risks of the project and the costs and investments associated:

For the El Obsequio Bottle cocktail: 
- Branding development; 
- Packaging development; 
- Packaging costs; 
- Bottling associated costs; 
- Product mock-ups and prototype 3D presentation; 
- Ingredient research for perishable substitutes; 
- Research for PH levels of the cocktail and acid substitutes; 
- Research and optimisation of the shelf time for the bottled cocktail; 
- Tests and studies on consistency of the cocktail and harmonisation the ingredients;

For the El Obsequio Perfume: 
- Branding development; 
- Communication activation and social media presence; 
- Corporative presence and website development; 
- Search for botanicals in rich fauna and flora hubs such as Azores & Gerês National Park; 
- Laboratory Essence development; 
- Perfume development and production; 
- Packaging development; 
- Packaging associated costs; 
- Bottling costs; 
- Labelling costs; 
- Product mock-ups and prototype 3D presentation; 
- Video capture of the whole process and board diary of the project.

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