El Gato Coffeehouse - Houston Cat Café
El Gato Coffeehouse - Houston Cat Café

This project has already launched.

El Gato is a themed café and adoption center partnered with the Houston Humane Society. Our CATalyst is the love of cats and coffee.

 Houston, are you ready for a cat café? Support El Gato Coffeehouse and help us become the first cat café in Houston. Never visited a cat café? Please allow us to tell you more about the experience and the benefits it provides to the cats.

No Ouchi Cat Cafe in Tokyo 
No Ouchi Cat Cafe in Tokyo

 Step into El Gato Coffeehouse where you are greeted by the most fascinating of hosts. Don't expect the same greeting on each visit, as unpredictability makes the experience magical. Will you be working for the affection of the cats OR will multiple felines compete for your attention by showing off their prowess and sweet kitty charm? Each visit will reveal a different experience.  


What you can expect is a space where you can relax or play among cats while taking pleasure in a cup of joe. Interested in adopting a cat?  Purrfect, as we are in partnership with the Houston Humane Society to find furrever homes for los gatos.

Benefits of a Cat Café 

  • Increases cats’ chances of adoption through socialization  
  • Provides a better life for a stray or shelter cat while waiting to be adopted 
  • Petting a cat reduces blood pressure and anxiety levels  
  • Cats provide companionship and are a Purr-fect cure for loneliness  

El Gato will also give back to the Houston community by supporting local charities, vendors, artists and craftsmen while also educating the community on caring for homeless and feral cats.


El Gato Coffeehouse will offer a full calendar of events including live meowsic from local artists, yoga night, art classes and mewvie nights.


Over 4 thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt, the cat was revered as a hunter and worshiped as gods and goddesses. Our kitty residents will be returned to their thrones at El Gato Coffeehouse, as the cat lounge will be tailored to their needs allowing plenty of upward mobility and paths to run and jump. Our guests will behold the magical transformation of a shelter cat into a happy, well-adjusted cat looking to find his or her furrever pet companion.

El Gato is more than just a café with cats, music and treats. El Gato will provide an enchanting, altruistic experience for our customers and a playful and loving foster home for los gatos. El Gato is building community over the shared love of cats and coffee.   


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