Eivey: reThink | reLove | rePurpose
Eivey: reThink | reLove | rePurpose

This project has already launched.

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Eivey brings high-end designer products to all Canadians. Eivey is an online fashion buy & sell platform for pre-loved designer goods that will revolutionize high-end fashion availablility in Canada.

Eivey meets a demand in the Canadian fashion market: a SUPERIOR SERVICED peer to peer marketplace.

The official launch, February 3, 2017 (soft launched January 2017).

Please watch our video:





Problems with Current Buy & Sell Options:

    1. The Transaction: Safety of pickup/drop off, scheduling a meet-up, buyer protection insurance
    2. Shipping Costs: Canada = long distances for shipping = expensive!
    3. Packaging: expensive to purchase, expensive to protect valuable items
    4. Buy-sell sites don't cater to fashion shoppers: frustrating lack of organization, no category/filtering system, no rating or review system, no quality control, poor shopper experience
    5. Low profits for sellers: Fashion & accessories can either be donated OR sold to local consignment stores that only offer the seller 10%-20% of the product value


What Eivey Offers:


  • Free Shipping. Across Canada!; no more meet-ups in parking lots, no more leaving precious pieces unprotected on the front porch
  • Complimentary Mailing Kits; a bubble-cushioned mailer, wrapping tissue, sticker seal, and a pre-addressed, pre-paid label.  Mailing kits are delivered right to the seller’s door.

  • 75%-85% of the profit for sellers; make money off your fashion!

  • PayPal Protection; Eivey partnered with PayPal to give users access to the PayPal Dispute Coverage Buyer Protection Program. This allows buyers to purchase worry free. If the purchase doesn't arrive, or arrives but isn't what was ordered, buyers can be eligible for a full refund within 60 days of purchase

  • Ratings and Reviews; buyers & sellers rate and review each other, ensuring an honest and transparent community.
  • Simple, Aesthetic Browsing; Eivey is committed to a designer shopping experience; Eivey completely caters to fashion & accessories making browsing simple, fun, and beautiful



RE think || RE love || RE purpose ||

Eivey's Mission: Making High Fashion Accessible

Eivey hopes to open the world of fashion to all communities by opening your closets

    • Encouarge Canadians to purchase high quality items that we will all love

    • Prolong the life-cycle of fashion and accessories & making quality designer goods more accessible and affordable

    • Provide "virtual closet" profiles for fashion lovers to facilitate fashion exchange. On Eivey, sellers can post, edit, and sell as well as negotiate items with buyers

    • Enable Canadians to invest in quality items. Pre-loved selling encourages buyers to invest in quality items, knowing they can always sell these items on Eivey. This secondary market reduces the burden off the initial investment

Giving Back

    • We are looking to partner with a female-focused charity for percentage donation campaigns in the future. We hope to announce this partnership after our first year in business.  



1) Abundance of product sitting in Canadian closets

    • Big box department stores are continually opening in Canada selling branded and designer goods. This trend is growing (new to Canada in 2016: Nordstorm & Saks Fifth Avenue)
    • Slow fashion boutique movement is bringing curated, socially conscious domestic and international goods to Canadian buyers

2) Behavioural Change towards peer to peer markets in Canada and worldwide

    • Kijiji, eBay, AirBnB, Uber, VarageSale, letgo are allowing people to virtually connect in ways they wouldn’t have been comfortable with 5-10 years ago. Closets are next!
    • Canadians have embraced e-commerce and plan to continue to spend money online. Forester Research has predicted that 'Canadians will spend $39 billion online by 2019, representing 9.5 percent of all retail purchases in Canada.' *

3) Success in other markets

    • Europe, Asia and the US have successful buy & sell marketplaces for fashion. Canada will be next.

4) Low Canadian Dollar

    • Cross border deals for Canadian buyers have dwindled as it is becoming more expensive to shop outside of Canada. Canadian shoppers are looking for alternatives.

*cira.ca, THE STATE OF E-COMMERCE IN CANADA CIRA, Internet Factbook, March 2016


What we have already achieved

  • Self-invested to launch a fully responsive homepage and shop site: eivey.ca
  • Developed a strong marketing strategy to be executed February 2017, including events (a closet detox hosting series), social media, advertising and PR.
  • Established a large support community that includes tech support, business consulting, sales, finance, PR, social media influencers, social media gurus, marketing, and fashion. We could not have gotten this far without this support network. They heldped us from the goodness of their hearts and because they believe in our vision!

  • Planned a launch party on February 3, 2017: 100+ friends, family and fashion lovers are attending. We will add links to the photos as they come!

  • Provided all original photography, branding and copywriting internally.


Our Kickstarter Funding Breakdown


Programming Support/Site Upgrade: We have a fantastic Programming Agency, Ellefson Tech, that has developed and launched our site to date. We would like to continue working with them to support our site and to evolve our functionality. Our next phase has a list of items waiting for investment and we can’t wait to see them through.

Advertising: Our main advertising tool will be social media advertising. Facebook is a hugely successful & popular platform in Canada, and we look forward to creating successful ad campaigns.

Packaging: Once the current packaging program is deemed to work well for Eivey buyers and sellers, we would like to place a large order for well branded, ethically produced and effective packaging. We don't have the current resources to purchase this packaging, but we hope to raise enough funding to achieve this goal.

Public Relations: Eivey is searching for a PR agency. Our hope is to push Eivey to its full potential in all markets in Canada by gaining access to influencers and media outlets.


Our Ultimate Investment Goal

We will be excited to reach our kickstarter target goal and evolve a wonderful peer-to-peer marketplace experience. We are also anticipating what it means to move beyond that goal. Kickstarter funding over the base level would be used to make Eivey even more dynamic - enhancement of marketing & PR strategies, logistic automation, in-house serviced supports for users and more. 

US$ 30k - Base funding reached. Yay!

US$ 60k - Reinvestments into Marketing & PR Strategies to Saturate & Grow National Urban Markets. Investments into Elevating the Website and Social Media Photography/Video (Frequency & Quality). Internal Authentication & Customer Dispute Service,

US$ 1M - French Version of Eivey. Upgrading Branding & Packaging Strategy for Mens, Handbags and Bridal. Explore International Markets (US), Mobile App Development, International Advertising & PR Strategy



Eivey was developed by business partners, Laura Sim and Maryna de Lannoy.


After more than a decade of working for a variety of German advertising agencies, Laura brought her refined european style to Canada, and is a Creative Director and Partner in her own creative agency. Laura’s hardworking entrepreneurial personality allows for ideas to develop quickly, engagement with connectors to spark and dedication to her passion be fulfilled. Her passion for branding and creative brought Eivey to life.

Maryna de Lannoy’s background is also creative.  She has worked in Marketing for Fashion and Hospitality for over a decade which she leverages daily for Eivey. Five years ago she changed her career path and currently runs her own company in Interior Design. Maryna has a charming style and a decisive confidence, that allows her to be a successful business woman perfect for a fashion start-up . She is thrilled to be back in the fashion world, her first love.


Risks and challenges:


Eivey reviews every item for sale to see how to enhance the posting and to secure against malintent. This is also the reason PayPal is offered as the payment solution. PayPal has an incredible dispute policy, but it is our desire to complement this with a strong customer service and an authenticity check.


We are counting on the integrity of our client base to give us accurate descriptions of the item. If this starts to become a problem, we will have to either purchase and integrate a white label shipping API for users to use, or pass the shipping costs to the seller. In this case, we would decrease our Eivey Fee Percentage (currently at 15-25%).



Please message us with any and all questions.

Want more? Follow Eivey on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest @eiveydotca



$10+ We will stretch every $10 to the max!

In thanks: 

Personalized letter and kickstarter investor update newsletter on our progress


$25+ Thank-you Feature!  We are forever grateful.

Featured thank-you in our social media chanels

Personalized letter and kickstarter investor update newsletter on our progress


$50+  Gratitude Package, we aim to make make this contribution worth your while by offering you a discount plan!

$10 discount on every purchase made on Eivey, up to $50/year, discount is transferable.

Thank-you on our Website

Personalized letter, and kickstarter investor update newsletter on our progress


$500+  BRONZE Thank-you package: making our dreams come true.

10% discount on every transaction made on Eivey as a buyer or seller. (up to 5 transactions a year, transactions are transferable)

2018 Calendar, with stunning modern Canadian photography

Feature on our site & Newsletter as a BRONZE Sponsor

Personalized letter, and kickstarter investor update newsletter on our progress.


$1000+  SILVER Thank-you package: Everything we touch is $1K these days! Each time you contribute over this amount we say yes to another item that will contribute greatly to Eivey's success.

10% discount on every transaction made on Eivey as a buyer or seller. (up to 20 transactions a year, transactions are transferable)

2018 Calendar, with stunning modern Canadian fashion photography

Feature on our site & Newsletter as a SILVER Sponsor

Personalized letter and kickstarter investor update newsletter on our progress


$2000+  GOLD Grand Gratitude Gift:  In appreciation of your generosity, we would like to gift you the following:

Gorgeous Eivey Coffee Table Look Book

Feature on our site & Newsletter as a GOLD Sponsor

2018 Calendar, with stunning modern Canadian fashion photography

10% Discount on every transaction made on Eivey as a buyer or seller. (up to 20 transactions a year, transactions are transferable)

Personalized letter and kickstarter investor update newsletter on our progress


$5000 + PLATINUM Grand Gratitude Gift: We will use every dollar to the maximum.  Including giving back and giving thanks. Eivey is forever grateful for your generosity and belief in Eivey.  

We invite you to take a moment for yourself and enjoy:

Spa on us at Your Local Spa, for Two

Hand-poured Luxury Soy Wax Candle

Gorgeous Eivey Coffee Table Look Book

10% Discount on every transaction made on Eivey as a buyer or seller. (up to 20 transactions a year, transactions are transferable)

Feature on our site & Newsletter as a PLATINUM Sponsor

2018 Calendar, with stunning modern Canadian fashion photography

Personalized letter and kickstarter investor update newsletter on our progress

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