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Eilio Jacket is...
1) Made from premium cotton fabric. We use the highest quality cotton rather than fleece. Where fleece is fluffed up on the back side, we prefer the cotton rungs kept in place for a more fashionable and high-end feeling.
2) Seems like every brand is trying to add more and more to their outerwear, hoodies, and jackets. They want 30 pockets, headphone jacks, phone pouches, etc... but none of it is ever used in reality. We kept it simple: a pocket for your hands and a pouch for your things.
3) Unisex design. The jacket comes in sizes small, medium and large. We will contact you after you donate to collect your size and shipping address.
4) Fair trade. The best quality comes from happy workers. we chose to only work with production facilities that pay proper attention to fabric, their people and the process.
5) Sold direct. By offering our jackets directly, we are able to cut out the retail channel and offer you a jacket that would usually retail for 6500 INR at only 4500 INR.
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