Eh-Rings! - Canada Day 3D Printed Stud Earrings
Eh-Rings! - Canada Day 3D Printed Stud Earrings

This project has already launched.

This is the first project under our newly formed company Craftech Labs. The company consists of myself, Ryan, my beautiful partner Anna, and our always morally supportive pup Teva. I'm a mechanical engineering technologist with a growing 3D printing hobby, and I’ve been looking for a way to share this new passion with friends and family.

The idea behind ‘Eh-Rings!’ was initially inspired when Anna and my sister Veronica were buying some cool looking earrings at a shop in Tofino, BC during our Christmas vacation. I saw these and realized I could easily print something similar at home. After coming up with a few different designs, I channeled my inner Canuck and came up with the maple leaf shaped stud earrings you see here. After several iterations, the design was refined to the point where they print beautifully at high resolution, and the post is held in place with a top-secret press fit design which requires no glue at all!

I have set the goal at a conservative $500 which, after Kickstarter and payment processing fees, will be enough to support the purchase of a second 3D printer. This will aide in the manufacturing of the ‘Eh-Rings!’ orders as well as provide growth potential for Craftech Labs. In the event that the target is surpassed, additional printers will be acquired as necessary to make sure all orders are produced and shipped on time.

Product Details

Two sizes of ‘Eh-Rings!’ will be offered initially. Medium and large. Each stud earring is hand assembled with a surgical stainless steel post and clasp (titanium is also available for anyone with hypersensitivity).

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in Style!

  • Stand out in the crowd with these beautiful vibrant red maple leaf earrings
  • Durable and lightweight – you may even forget you’re wearing them!
  • Unisex – women and men look equally as awesome showing their Canadian pride!

Show your support for the advancement of science and technology!

  • 3D printed using fused deposition modeling (FDM) additive manufacturing
  • Very high quality 0.04 mm layer height
  • Beautiful micro-textured finish

Made of environmentally conscious PLA!

  • Polyactide (PLA) is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources
  • 100% safe – PLA is even used in medical implant applications!
  • No glue or harmful chemicals are used

Risks and challenges

Overall, this is a very low risk project. The 'Eh-Rings!' stud earrings have successfully passed through the prototyping stages, and are already in production. As soon as the $500 Kickstarter goal has been reached all pre-existing orders will be manufactured in anticipation of the campaign closing date on June 9. This will ensure that all orders will be ready for shipping during the week of June 12 - 16, giving 2+ weeks for delivery. We have structured this campaign so that you will all have possession of your 'Eh-Rings!' before the party starts on July 1st!

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