Blable, organized chat on the fly
Blable, organized chat on the fly


How many good ideas, suggestions, instructions and other important messages have been lost, forgotten and ignored? Why is chatting always social and never formal?

Chatting is the fastest and easiest way to communicate. Live chatting is fast but it is not organized and can be quite a mess. A stream of messages running down the screen not differentiating the relevant ones from the others. It is hard to organize your messages while chatting. Transferring important messages to other apps and tools leads to lost information, frustrating search and inefficiency. Until now!

Blable makes chatting organized, efficient and productive. It brings power to your messages and makes them useful the way you need them, when you need it. It can save, label, sort and share messages without interrupting your chat.




"Sending texts, photos, videos and voice messages is easy. 
Having all under control is productive and liberating."






Blable is all about organizing and labeling important messages with one swipe. It’s simple and can be done with one hand. After swiping, a four-colored bar appears. Save by swiping to the right and choose a color. From then on the color bar is in view.



Now your message is saved under the selected color. Swipe future messages based on color and importance. Color options include red, orange, yellow and turquoise. To name the color simply swipe to the left and type.



Set a reminder and never forget an important task or assignment. No need to open other apps and tools. You can set the reminder to already saved messages or those just received.



Share important content with Blable via SMS, e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. Select the message, share its content and go back to chatting instantly. No need to duplicate effort or commit to email.



Access your stored messages through colors. Search and sort by contact, date, importance, or by custom order that you define.





Don't miss out on any relevant message you might forget to copy paste after the chat is finished.


Filter relevant messages on the spot with colors, labels and reminder.


Know the context of your previous chats with colors and labels.


Zeroing the communication noise since all relevant, saved messages are at your fingertips and ready to be shared instantly.


Group chatting can now finally be efficient. Notes of group brainstormings and discussions can now be created and shared instantly.



Why here?

Introducing the basic concept, design and beta version soon to go live, we are all very excited and eager for some feedback. We are anxious to learn and improve Blable in the process so any feedback is very welcome. We will be on Kickstarter shortly and hopefully get some funding to increase the community of organized messaging.

We truly believe that everybody could benefit from Blable. If you have a story or situation where you think something like Blable could help, please let us know!




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