Education and Real Business Level Support For Indie Artists
Education and Real Business Level Support For Indie Artists

This project has already launched.

#TNM is an umbrella music company consisting of 3 companies which offer a full service safe solution for serious music artists. Most artists are gifted in creating content but not necessarily properly informed concerning the “business side” of the music industry.  Even though the artist finds them self in the heart of a very serious business situation they are rarely properly prepared for the position they find themselves in. Since excitement and passion are natural states of emotion for these driven individual’s business savvy executives within the industry tend to take advantage of this state of mind and they refuse to inform the artists as informing the content creator can in most cases make the executive unnecessary to the artist.   

#TNM has a business model which is non-traditional offering education to the artist and content creator first. An artist cannot sign with our record label “#TNM Small Guy Records Inc.” until they have successfully completed the and graduated the “TNM The New Music Movement Of Love Inc". Artist support, management and education process.

#TNM’s education process in offered by Renman www.renman.mb the very well-known active manager of Incubus” all new members are also enrolled directly into the Renman classroom. Members paid and unpaid are also enrolled in Music Business Foundations by Berklee School of Music the class is provided free via Coursera Lastly Copy right for multimedia is provided as mandatory class as well.

While an artist participates actively in these classes #TNM administration works closely with the artist. Each artist registers their stage name or act as an LLC this buffers the artist from unnecessary liability when performing as well as providing a wider opportunity for negotiations if and or when the artist is “picked up” by another professional.

Our team then secures a legal team for the artist which is wholly separate from #TNM’s management team. We do this via our active partnership with Legal Shield. Legal Shield is an amazing service allowing an artist to save thousands in legal fees.  Ethics is what makes us an entirely new Music Movement. The artist can trust that their lawyer is not connected any other person involved in their career or in conflict of interest in anyway. In the past unethical entertainment lawyers connected to music industry made deals that only benefited themselves and the executive they had made any number of “deals” with.

#TNM also offers proper copyright & publishing of the artist’s catalog of music. By this time the artist should be ready to be presented in industry fashion or they have the option of signing wit #TNM Small Guy Records Inc. which offers distribution of the artist’s music. From this solid foundational position #TNM begins to offer the creation of professional EPK creation and other content creation. An artist may also hire a publicist via partnerships secured by #TNM and its affiliates. As we continue forward we hope to officially launch #TNM LLC DBA #TNM Lady Rayne Presents to start creating tours for signed artists.

There are also two patients being filed by #TNM. One being the #TNM Blue Box the other the #TNM USB album. (Learn more after successful completion of non-disclosure, non- compete via a face to face or phone conference with our CEO)

As we move forward in building this amazing company, community music programs and other great music and arts initiatives it is our hope to gain your interest in bringing this all to life.  Please contact Lady Rayne McCloud for information on how you can participate, support, invest or partner with the #TNM family 717-608-9995 CC us!, For more about #TNM go to

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