Edge: Clans of Icosara
Edge: Clans of Icosara

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...Your Shieldbearer falls, shield broken and stomach pierced by the Sword of the opposing champion. You move your Archer into the frontline – Encouraged by your Priestess, he shoots an arrow at the Magician, covered against melee attacks. With an arrow in his chest, he falls. You watch as the Warlord frowns at the result. The loss of his Magician was not part of his plan. Desperately, he orders his Conqueror to battle to face your Monk

With an empowered, overwhelming strike your Monk puts the Conqueror in the grave, exposing the opposing strategist. Rising to the occasion enters your Champion. He charges the Strategist and with a single swing of his sword the Strategist – The Savages only hope – is decapitated, securing your victory. Icosara is yours.

Game Concept
Edge Is a tabletop card game where two players wage war on each other using cards, dices and tactical formations. The game has a heavy emphasis on strategy and calculated tactics and plays both like a boardgame and a living card game.

It is very easy to get into the game and the rules seem almost simple, but don't let that fool you. The more you get play it, the more advanced formations you and your opponent will come up with.
Through different tactics and different setups, you will delve into the over 14.000 different ways to set up your army.

Though playing it gives a similar vibe, Edge is not Magic or even a rework of the game. No more arguing about obscure rules or different versions of the same. This game combines elements and inspiration from multiple games, that most gamers will recognize, but the mechanics are utilized in such a way that the game forms it's own new genre.

So choose your tactics and strategy!
How will you choose to play and how will you ensure victory? Do you want to charge at your opponent with brute force, or do you want to slowly lure him into your traps to weaken him before the deathblow. The choice is yours.

Goal of the Game
Most points win!
So in the normal game you will need to accumulate more points then your opponent in a 2 matchs/battles setup.
There are variants but even for those most points win

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