eCommerce & Logistic
eCommerce & Logistic

TAGG MANAGEMENT PTE LTD officially registered on 1/9/2016. It humbly started back in April 2016 on eCommerce focusing on the latest Analog or Bluetooth product. After much sourcing of the best products, we finally had a deal with our main manufacturer that could supply us the stocks at the lowest price. We choose the best quality product to sell at affordable price. We value our customer and maintain our integrity. Three businesses that we are focusing as for now:
1. eCommerce (online & offline)
2. Distributor
3. Logistic/Movers
On 1/7/2016, we officially launched our eCommerce website We published it through all media socials like Facebook, twitter and so on. The response we received was very encouraging. To date, we have more than 100 quality products online and we keep on updating on any latest items. Our customer data based now already reach 200,000 worldwide and still counting. We will trademark our product. We clinched our first profit turnover of $15 000 for the month of July 2016. We
believed we could do much more than this.
Business Plan
A. Online/Direct Sales
With our online eCommerce market is now ongoing, we have the intention to open up 1 outlet located at Orchard Central. Reaching customers with direct sales and spreading more information about us. Customer will have the option to get our product online or direct sales and test the quality on the spot. We can foresee that our revenue will increase much better and stable. In additional, we offer free delivery to our customer right at their doorstep, very much conveniently. Our products are purely 100%
user friendly and can be use from all ages. No more worries on those entangled wires, limited length or messy cables for home entertainment or
even for office computers. We offer solution to all those problems. Not only we are selling high quality products and wireless, but at a very affordable price. Our target is getting as high volume with the price that we are offering.

B. Distributor
With our brand trademarked, we will enhance more on our market strategy. With good contact from all giant retailers such as Giant, Popular Store, Best Denki, Mustaffa Centre, Courts Challenger and most of the HDB shop houses retailers islandwide, we will push our brand even further. We can even foresee larger profit scale increase to 70%.

Business Plan
With growing numbers of demand on home or office shifting, we will also embark on this challenge to offer those services. At this point, we are running on 1 14-footer vehicle to cater for our customers. We have average about 3 to 5 job order request per day apart from our weekly fixed contract. We intend to expand more and increase on our productivities into this service and see good potential market to grow. We are not just services, but with professionalism and uphold or standard. Our competitive price and standard offered for our customer really creates satisfaction and helps our reputation to grow. Average turnover estimated at S$18 000 monthly after deducting cost. We strongly believe, by increasing our fleet, we will generate even more revenue and increase our productivity. Customers will have the option to call us directly or get quotation on line immediately and confirm their booking. It is so easy and hassle free. All we need to do is to verify the confirmed order accordingly when work in progress for any additional. We do our best to get our customer satisfied with our work. Main thing is to make sure their items are taken care diligently.

Company Revenues
Our revenues generate on various areas. Typically,
1. eCommerce (online/offline)
2. Distributor
3. Logistic/Movers

The beautiful part on our business is that they are inter-link to each other. We can promote and push for our product or services to our customers. It will go viral through social media or mutual contact. We can see this seed will grow blossomly in the shortest time.

Our Goals
We focus on our vision and target for success. Ability to do the best for our value added customers.

Request Funding
We are seeking for business funding of S$100k

Registration No: 201623955Z

Mobile: +6597998011

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