Eco Xmas Tree
Eco Xmas Tree

We at EcoXmas want to offer people hassle-free, stylish and nature friendly solution to christmas trees. 

Our Xmas trees come in three sizes (50cm, 100cm and 140cm high) and two colors  (regular and green). The trees suit offices, small apartments, children's rooms and living rooms. Xmas trees are made out of highest quality Estonian spruce tree. 

You can forget about cleaning the needles, watering the tree and getting rid of the tree after Christmas. Just pack it up and store it for the next year. The tree is easy and fun to assemble and the whole family can take part in it.

Our goal is to make a difference and have a positive impact on the world, so for every tree sold, we promise to plant at least one tree ourselves, but we can only do it with your help. HELP US MAKE THE WORLD A LITTLE GREENER.

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